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Flytouch 3 web browsing is sluggishSupport

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  1. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    Anyone else find that their flytouch 3 web browsing is sluggish?
    Mine takes a while to load a page, I thought it was suppose to be as fast as you internet connection.
    When scrolling up and down it is very sluggish, and vey frustrating, sometimes I have to do the scrolling motion several times before the screen moves half a inch. Some website I can't even seem to scroll at all
    Is it just my flytouch, or is this just how they are?


  2. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    I guess I'm the only one with this problem since noone replied. I just wanted to know if I have a defected one, so I can send it back for a replacement before my warranty runs out.
  3. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    your question is subjective.....sluggish compared to what?

    All FT3's are slow when compared to a proper 'business' computer... the network drivers are just a pile of poo, especially the wifi driver.

    My FT3 takes about 40 seconds to load BMW automobiles - website of the BMW AG up to when the flash at the head of the page starts playing, compared with about 20 seconds to get to the same place on my pretty average laptop PC.
  4. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    What about the scrolling? it takes several strikes from my finger or stylus before the screen moves half a inch. Some website I can't scroll at all.
  5. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Do you have CpuNotify installed? It displays a bar-graph in the tray so you can see when the CPU is running flat out... which I find is the usual cause of lack of response to finger input!

    When the tablet first boots up it takes ages before the CPU settles down....there is a lot of syncing going on.. at least with CpuNotify you can see that the CPU is overloaded.
  6. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    Thanks, I will try that out
  7. eightsabout

    eightsabout New Member

    I am a newby both here and as an Android user - however I had the same problem (CPUnotify did not show excessive usage) I installed Opera Mini from Android zoom and browsing speed is now much improved - so if you guys have already tried this please forgive me

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