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Flytouch 3 won't boot past the android logoSupport

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  1. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    Hello, my Flytouch 3 won't boot past the android logo. I was sent the wrong charging, I need a 9V but what I got is a 5V, not realizing it I tried using it to charge my tablet, since turning it off it will not boot, I have used it orginal charger, charging it for hours, yet it still stays stuck at the boot up screen

    Thanks guys

  2. quinsyr

    quinsyr Member

    Noone has any suggestions for me? :(
  3. GWOOD

    GWOOD Member

    I had the same problem. . What I did was reverted to the previous firmware version I had before.

    Go to: SuperPad2 Flytouch3 Hybrid Tim Rom

    Pick a previous firmware version like 5a versus 6a and load it to your Flytouch using the typical method with your MicroSD Card.

  4. tanyujie

    tanyujie New Member

    I think I may have a similar problem. It won't go any further than the logo. When it does it shuts itself down. Does anybody know if Fly Touch has a branch in the USA? I bought mine in GOME in China but I've just returned to the USA. Thanks.


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