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  1. Bilbobaggings

    Bilbobaggings Member

    Hi, gang

    I am having a problem connecting via usb from my Superpad 7 Flytouch
    to my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit pc. I have looked on google and most
    link say it is drivers missing from windows. All the links that i found to
    driver downloads seem to be scam ones and do not download.

    Hopefully someone in this section will be able to help me with this

    Many thanks for reading and any help or suggestions.


  2. windy tiger

    windy tiger New Member

    Hi I have just got the superpad 7 i have found that the wireless button top right if is on usb does not work but if you turn wireless of usb then works.
    hope this helps with yours.
    Windy Tiger

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