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  1. mowfow71

    mowfow71 New Member

    Hi Im a total Newby to android Ive had 10" flytouch superpad thingy running 2.1 Ive been dabbling Its good, However there some things that im stuck on so any help you can offer would be appreciated.

    1.I live in south wales Uk but wales does not appear on the weather/ temp thing only England is there a way of getting wales on there or Cardiff even.

    2.There appears to be Chinese apps (like market)on there that i dont want or need but i can see no way of removing them, how do I strip off the Chinese stuff I dont want or will I have to update it with a (western version) where could I get said update(and som instructions

    3 Skype seems to have issues and is unusable I have read that an update can fix this (any thoughts)

    And any idea what 3g dongle would work with it if any?

    Thanks in advance

    More info on my tab will follow.

    Model IN1001CPU
    TypeInforTM x220CPU
    Speed (MHz)1000RAM
    (MB)256HD (GB)2
    Operating System Android Version2.1
    Screen Size10.1
    Screen Resolution1024x600
    Touch Screen Resistive
    I/O Ports2x MicroSDHC, 2x USB, Rj45, mini HDMI, GPS Antenna
    Battery Size 3000
    Webcam 1.3M
    Px3G Support External Huawei
    E1750Video Format Multi Format Max Video Res.1080p
    Work Time up to h4

    I have found the maufacturers website at

    If you click on IN then IN1001 that takes you to the firmware page where they have official updates inc flash player and sat nav software.

    Im also after Rooting instructions and links,or advice on if rooting worth doing. any help on that would be great

  2. johnspanish

    johnspanish New Member


    I'm no expert on his either but I found a couple of your answers already from playing around. I have a Flytouch 3 with Android 2.1.

    It's easier to answer question 2 first: I assume you are talking about things on the home screen. If you hold your finger on the icon and wait a second tili the tablet vibrates slightly a trash can will appear on the right of the screen. Keep your finger on the icon ad drag it to the trash can. The icon will turn red, let it go and it should be gone. You can also use this metod to move icons to different places on the screen (other than to the trash can).

    Question 1: Yeah mine had China on it when I first turned it on. Couldn't even find Australia on it let alone my city. I just removed it altogether as per above method. There are other Weather Widgets in the market for free. You might find one with your area in it.

    As for Question 3 and Skype, sorry I haven't used it so I can't really give you any advice on that.

    Good Luck.
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  3. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Skype is very dodgy on the 2.1 interface. Try getting the update: here and Skype gets a bit better. As for 3g dongles I'm not sure but I'll go on record as saying that your best bet is really a 3g hotspot vs dongle. I know it's not always possible or feasible but it's going to work the best for you with the least hassle.
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  4. mowfow71

    mowfow71 New Member

    Thanks for your advice Cheers

    Ok so the big question is this rooting thing, is it worth doing and how hard is it to do bare in mind Im a newby to android.

    If I brick this My missus will kick my teeth in and shove the tablet where the sun doesnt shine (she bought it for me as a gift) and i must say what a gift, I love it, its awesome.

    Im sort at a loss as to what the benefit is for rooting these things.
    Would you do this to you tablet??
  5. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    It's not very hard to do and very little chance of bricking the tablet. Basically you're going to open up the ability to do full backups of data and apps and make deeper tweaks to Android if you so choose. Right now I have a few games on my tablet and my daughter plays them on rides here and there. I have a Titanium backup of all the data and apps so if she screws the pooch somehow I can just recover and keep on moving like nothing ever happened.
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  6. Woodyandroid

    Woodyandroid Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine last week and I should have it by 03/30/11. I'm checking out all the apps and info so I'm ready when it arrives. I got the Flytouch3/SP2 with 2.2,7000mah bat,2.1 camera and it says flash 10.1. I will make a video when it arrives and post it here.
  7. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Please do as I wonder if there are good versions of this FT3/SP2. Yours has the higher spec camera and battery. How do you tell if the battery is actually what they say it is? As I have read before the battery is horrible and I found that out yesterday as it drained while off, I read you have to hit reset.

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