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FM Radio - Mono or Stereo?Support

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  1. batabatas

    batabatas New Member

    I cannot receive stereo signal in FM radio app. ( in earphones ). Sound is always mono. Is FM radio in galaxy y duos s6102 mono or stereo ? is this hw or sw reason? (btw - mp3 files are stereo)

  2. Kneth

    Kneth Active Member

  3. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    I will suggest some step:-
    1. Properly connect earphones means connect and low press because i did saw lots of user just connect earphones not properly and check it's sound any songs.

    2. Phone should be have Stereo FM radio with RDS.
    3. check all setting properly.

    if any problem let me know.
  4. muralivsl

    muralivsl New Member

    i am also getting the same problem in my samsung galaxy grand quattro, after plugging of the handsfree (not fully), i'm getting the stereo effect for some 10 seconds, after that i'm getting mono effect, (i'm getting the clear stereo effect in music player.)please help me.

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