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  1. rizmack

    rizmack Member

    Hi there,

    I upgraded to the One S from a Desire Z a few days ago. Given that both phones are made by HTC, I was surprised when I discovered that the FM radio in the One S is awful.

    The Volume drops too often (presumably because the signal is weak) and its not an enjoyable experience. This occurs even when I'm outdoor walking around.

    My old Desire Z did not behave like this and considering returning the handset.

    What are people's experiences of the FM radio?


  2. Lefthand

    Lefthand Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, it's one of the few niggles I have with the phone. The sound quality isn't that great, and looses signal a lot. And don't even think of using the radio on a train... Definitely inferior to Desire and even Hero I had in the past.

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