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  1. sman999

    sman999 New Member

    Hi friends i have downloaded the CMP.apk from a source and managed to get it into /system/app. Now the problem is i can see the FM radio in my music player but if i run the FM Radio i dont get any sound and the seek buttons not working also the headset icon is greyed out even though i had my headsets plugged in. should any other system files must be granted permissions??? :confused:

    Can some one help me on this i can try and post results here... :confused: ;)
    Can some one with FM Radio enabled in charm to post the list from /system/app. help me to solve this...

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  2. Sumesh KS

    Sumesh KS New Member

  3. sherifbekhit

    sherifbekhit New Member

    l have cm 10 jb without fm radio , and i cant install any radio apps.
    can help me any body ?
    my phone is Samsung galaxy gt-i8150
    thanks for all
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Sorry for a delayed response. I do not know much about the Samsung Galaxy GT-i8150, but you may get better response in the forum here for that phone: Samsung Galaxy W - Android Forums than from this forum, for the old Motorola Charm. Good luck.
  5. Mohammed 5zan

    Mohammed 5zan New Member

    try spirit fm unlocked from the play store

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