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  1. Snerwuol

    Snerwuol New Member

    Hi guys
    realy hope its not true what i think is.....?

    Does the S3 have a build in transmitter. I use to have a nokia N8 - ans played my songs directly from the phone to the radio using the FM transmitter. but cant seem to fine something simmelor for the S3

    Does if have one? - tried downloading apps - but all of them doe'st work. seems like....i dont know.

    please please tell me its just me and that the S3 can do this

    PS: not a forum fundie - s if i posted at the incorrect place :) Sorry!!

  2. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    It doesn't have one, I've never heard of a phone that does.

    Are you trying to play to your car radio ? does the radio have an aux in socket ?
  3. dracozny

    dracozny Well-Known Member

    very few phones have such a thing, the S3 does not have one. you can use an external FM transmitter using the audio jack however you may have an issue with finding a jack that works with it
  4. AlabamaGhost

    AlabamaGhost Member

    I have an Itrip FM transmitter that I bought at Walmart. It fits and works. Oddly, though, the reception is poor in BMWs and my Porsche. American cars sound fine.

    I would love to find a car-dock with a built in FM transmitter and charger (that isn't junk).
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  5. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    If you have an aux socket there are bluetooth devices you can get that lets you play music from the phone, the device plugs in to the aux socket.. Belkin Aircast is one - this lets you receive calls as well.
  6. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

    the international SIII has an FM chip and so does the US version; its just that the carriers all demanded that Samsung disable it. Devs over on xda are working on unlocking it...
  7. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    Not a TRANSMITTER though.
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  8. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

    oh, no kidding. sorry, i just saw FM... thanks

    and yeah i dont think any phone has ever had a transmitter, just receivers
  9. TenTenths

    TenTenths New Member

    Nokia N900 had, and also had support to send the track / artist information over RDS for display on radios with suitable displays. It's one of the things I miss on my S3.
  10. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's a new one on me. :) Thanks!
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  11. medionpva

    medionpva Well-Known Member

    My last two Nokais had a FM transmitter, and while I use a AUX cable in my car, the FM transmitter is something I wish the S3 had :(
  12. steviemac007

    steviemac007 New Member

    I loved my n8 for this feature but it was the only good feature so had go and get hooked into android. Come on Samsung get your finger out how hard can it be.
  13. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    Why on earth would you want an FM transmitter if the phone supports A2DP ?

    FM transmitters are a thing of the past imho.
  14. klymax

    klymax New Member

    Not all cars would have a system which receives A2DP Signals. I miss the FM Transmitter from my Nokia.
  15. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    i just go to ebay and amazon and there are tons of them there
  16. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    Right, my car doesn't have built in bluetooth, but I use a belkin aircast. Works perfectly, job done.
  17. barffy194

    barffy194 New Member

    I can definitely confirm that the Nokia N8-00 has an FM transmitter. After I upgraded to an S3 I kept my N8 just for this feature and I'm still using it to listen to music in my car now.

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