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Folder Browsing with DLNA

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  1. gorf

    gorf Member

    Have anyone found an app that allows browsing by folder via DLNA?

    2Player is a great app, but does not seem to do this. I can only browse by category, not folder. Skifta has the option to browse by folder with Windows 7, but bombs out when I try to access a large Windows 7 library, so is unusable. If I access an XBMC library with Skifta, it does not allow folder browsing.

    I only need access to music, video is optional.

  2. al4er

    al4er New Member

    I know, you posted this question a lot of time ago :( ...

    Any luck finding app that can browse DLNA directories?
    I am trying to adopt Google TV, but this is "must have" feature for me...
  3. To brows folder - it is necessary to have server which provides folders structure.
    I know two of them Windows Media Player and Twonky.

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