FolderMount, Link2SD, and GL to SD to move large game data to external SD card on Optimus F6General

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  1. DesolationJones

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    This phone only having like 1gb of of internal storage available, it's impossible to have more than a few games at a time. Apps2SD doesn't really do anything on this phone. These 3 programs seem to have potential to do what I'm looking for though, but the phone needs to be rooted. I was wondering if anyone with an already rooted Optimus F6 can try these programs to see if they actually work? I don't want to root my phone unless I really have to to. If any of these programs work, I'll go ahead and root.

  2. DesolationJones

    DesolationJones Active Member

    Eh, I went ahead and just gave it a shot and rooted my phone.

    Link2SD didn't seem to move all the data. Maybe I did something wrong, but it didn't really work.

    GL to SD does work wonderfully though. For games over 1gb, the trick was to initially download and install only the apk. Open the game and it should start downloading the rest of the data files, but close it quickly after via task manager. We do this just so the game could create the initial folders. Then open GL to SD. Open the menu, click move data, and select the game. This will move the folders and files the game created to the SD card. Now mount it and open the game again. It should now resume downloading the data files on the SD card.

    Not sure if it'll work for all games though. Worked for Blood and Glory and Max Payne for me.
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    Have you had any more luck since with some other games?

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