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  1. Bishop99

    Bishop99 Well-Known Member

    I would like to know if the folders that can be created in the home screen of the Galaxy S4 are limited to just adding apps or can various different files be added to a folder? I've tried to do so and looked around but I can't find a way of adding either pics or other documents into those folders. I'm guessing they are exclusively for apps right?

  2. Maltytasker

    Maltytasker New Member

    I have added .pdf document files and browser bookmarks to various folders in my home screens. For the document files, I use a file manager app (ES File Explorer) to create a shortcut on my home screen, then drag it into a folder. For bookmarks, I use Dolphin Browser to create the shortcut, then drag that into a folder. Seemed to work in Touchwiz, which I no longer use as Nova Launcher is my primary launcher now, and it works in that, too, as well as in Next Launcher.
  3. Bishop99

    Bishop99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I was able to create it following your advice.

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