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Folders in K9 Email

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  1. johnb265

    johnb265 New Member

    I'm trying K9 email client on my Android phone connecting to pop3 server. I cannot find how to add folders and rules to direct the email to the different folders. Thunderbird on my PC in Windows or Linux can do it with pop3 email. Is it an Android limitation or am I missing something?


  2. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Hmm, if you setup your account properly, then go into your account in K-9 so you see all your emails. Then hit the menu button -> folder list. Then in that screen you can hit menu -> create new folder and such. Then if you go back to your inbox, and you long press on an email, you have the option to archive, delete, move, send, forward, etc. So then you just click move, and it'll let you move the emails.

    Edit:: I just reread your post. I don't think it allows for automatic sorting. Technically if you set up automatic sorting on your hotmail account online, it'll sync to that folder in K-9. So for instance, if you get a mail on your hotmail account and it goes to your inbox, k-9 will show it in the inbox, but if you set up a rule to automatically move this mail to your "other" folder on your hotmail account, then in k-9 it should show up in that folder and not the inbox.

    I think, haven't tested, but makes sense to me.
  3. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    I don't believe that you can create new folders for POP3 accounts.
    If your POP3 account supports IMAP, switch to IMAP. You still can't create folders with K9, but you will see all the folders you've created in the IMAP account.
  4. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Hm that's weird. K-9 must've created the accounts by itself. Because on my gmail I have folders like [IMAP_TRASH] and stuff, that I didn't add on my gmail account. And so I figured K-9 could create folders.
  5. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    yes, K9 creates certain accounts in order to handle IMAP (I believe they are Trash, Sent, Inbox, etc.).

    There is no menu command to create folders, not that I can find.
  6. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks for clearing that up jimdroid!

    My fault!
  7. johnb265

    johnb265 New Member

    Thanks everyone. I will have to change the route I planned to follow.
  8. jimschn

    jimschn Member

    To follow up on this, when I use k9 on my phone, I am only interested in the inbox emails that are on my server. Not the other folders I have set up. Is there anything I need to configure or will it only look for the server's inbox folder? Thanks
  9. mcwong

    mcwong Member

    K9 limitation, you have to use a web mail client like round cube via android chrome browser to create the folders.

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