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  1. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member


    My dad is getting a HTC Desire C from Santa and I have bought him a memory card for it.

    Can I just check, when he puts the memory card into the phone, does the phone automatically create the required folders? So when he copies his photo's and ringtones from his old phone, will there be a folder on the memory card for him to drag them into or does he have to create the required folders.

    I presume there is folders in the internal memory?

  2. lEquin0xl

    lEquin0xl Well-Known Member

    Yup, they should be automatically created. You can also take a test picture then find where the phone saved it to just to be 100% certain.
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  3. filip989

    filip989 Member

    I'm sure you figured this out - I just wanted to say you have a great username :D (sorry for the spam)

    Cheers from Croatia!

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