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Foolproof Guide for restoring a bricked Shine Plus

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  1. RomanSan

    RomanSan New Member

    If the phone is not detecting put it in emergency mode.
    To do so you need to power off phone, hold key "1", insert usb cable and press power button after you will see "emergency mode" on yellow screen.
    But before USB drivers need to be installed, you can take them from :
    Choose your phone model and press "WINDOWS USB Driver" ...

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  2. vincentdroid

    vincentdroid New Member

    YAY last procedure with holding "1" plug in usb and power button thing worked perfectly for me after removing SD CARD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU DROID FANS!!!! :D I can now try to repair this shit! (I'm only in emergency mode now...)
  3. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    After at least 1 month of searching, I can confirm that it works. I am now in emergency mode with the yellow background.

    This will work for people that were stuck at the LG screen.

    Thank you so much!
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  4. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    I confirm that I was able to restore my phone this way.

    I think that the phone can't be bricked because this way of launching emergency mode boots even before the LG logo. I may be wrong.

    Two months ago I brought my phone to some cell repair shop in Montreal and they told me that it was broken and there was nothing to do with it and the board was scrapped. I bet $30 with the guy that I would repair it and show him. I won the bet.

    Thank you a thousand times!
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  5. vincentdroid

    vincentdroid New Member

    I am not able to run the KDZ FW thing to detect my phone. The computer see's it. I'm in emergency mode. The lgmobile update thing still get's stuck at 30%. Anyone has the step by step foolproof instructions to success?

    What I got now:

    1- press ''1'' at startup to get to emergency mode
    2- drivers for windows to recognize phone (phone recognized)
    3- run KDZ FW UPD (doesn't detect my phone? my computer see's it but not this special software)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  6. vincentdroid

    vincentdroid New Member

    Okay guys I found a new thing. If your COM port which your phone is plugged in is set to a value different than 1 you have to set it to 1 otherwise the software won't recognize it. So phone - > COM1 in device manager. Now I get an upgrade error during the software update in KDZ FW upd. it says Wparam:100 Lparam: 1002 upgrade error. What I have to do now?? :(
  7. vincentdroid

    vincentdroid New Member

    Anyone has a way to get the V10c ROM version?
  8. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    Download firmware V10D here: V10D_00.kdz

    Plug the phone in the computer in the back USB ports. Open KDZ_FW_UPD. Type = 3GQCT, PhoneMode = CS_EMERGENCY, KDZ file = pick the file you just downloaded. Click Launch software update. It should work, it worked for me that way.

    Remember that you can't install V10X if you were bugged during the V20A update. You have no choice installing V20A that way.

    Good luck.
  9. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    Did it work? Please keep us informed!
  10. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    As a.bourdeau mentionned, if you flash a V10X file on a V20A upgraded phone, you *WILL* brick the phone! seanre453 bricked his phone trying to do this. PLEASE be careful! ;)
  11. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    I tried flashing V10D over V20A several times and I didn't brick my phone. Weird...

    Did seanre453 read this thread to unbrick his phone? Pretty sure it would work.
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  12. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    He created the thread. lol
  13. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    You're telling me you went back and forth between v10D and v20a using this technique? Hunh. Poor seanre453. Must've had bad luck.
  14. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Well, if someone else can confirm this working, then we have a safe, confirmed downgrade method :D
  15. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    Sorry for the misinterpretation.

    I tried downgrading from V20A to V10D but I got errors with the KDZ software and couldn't continue flashing, and it didn't brick my phone.
  16. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    Yeah but what I mean is that I am sure he could unbrick his phone with the new way of doing it... Press 1 and plug USB.
  17. zhuanyi

    zhuanyi Member

    Hello all,

    I have just tried to use this method to downgrade to V10 and apparently it does not work, here is the log file that I have after I pressed 1 while plugged in the USB cable and flashed using 3GQCT + Emergency settings:

    Code (Text):
    2.  [R&D Test Tools Log File]
    4. 13:11:17 : Launching SW update  
    5. 13:11:17 : Unpacking KDZ  
    6. 13:11:19 : KDZ file extraced  
    7. 13:11:21 : Files were extracted.
    8. 13:11:21 : LGMobileDL Load.
    9. 13:11:21 : Port = -1
    10. 13:11:21 : Connecting to phone    
    11. 13:11:31 : Check Phone mode = 1
    12. 13:11:49 : Phone type check.......
    13. 13:11:53 : LGMobileDL.DLL Loading....
    14. 13:11:53 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    15. 13:11:53 : AuthMark啊 沥犬洒 Phone俊 Write 登瘤 臼疽嚼聪促!
    16. 13:11:53 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    17. 13:11:53 : LoadCDMAPhoneData() Error
    18. 13:11:53 : _DetachDLL Call
    19. 13:11:53 : _DetachDLL Call End
    20. 13:11:53 : Param : Path = C:\ProgramData\LGMOBILEAX\Phone\LGC710hAT-02-V10d-302-220-JAN-10-2011-TLS-CA+0-DZ.dz
    21. 13:11:53 : Param : moduleDir =
    22. 13:11:53 : Param : waitTime = 0
    23. 13:11:53 : Param : UsbHighSpeed = 1
    24. 13:11:53 : Param : PhoneMode = 1
    25. 13:11:53 : Param : BinVersion = V10D_00
    26. 13:11:53 : Param : AuthMark = 0
    27. 13:11:53 : Call fn_StartUpgrade
    28. 13:11:59 : Smart : wParam = 3, lParam = 0
    29. 13:11:59 : Smart : wParam = 205, lParam = 0
    30. 13:11:59 : Smart : wParam = 100, lParam = 4008
    31. 13:11:59 : Step : Upgrade Error error code = 4008
    32. 13:11:59 : ResetStartInfo() Call
    33. 13:11:59 : _DetachDLL Call
    34. 13:11:59 : _DetachDLL Call End
    35. 13:11:59 : FreeLibrary Call
    36. 13:11:59 : FreeLibrary Call End
    37. 13:11:59 : ResetStartInfo() Call End
    38. 13:12:01 : ===FINISHED===
    39. 13:12:03 : OnModelDllMsg(OnMsgFromModelDll3GQCT_PDA) delete m_pLGCyonUpdate
    And here is when I used CDMA + Emergency settings:
    Code (Text):
    2.  [R&D Test Tools Log File]
    4. 13:13:15 : Launching SW update  
    5. 13:13:15 : Unpacking KDZ  
    6. 13:13:16 : KDZ file extraced  
    7. 13:13:17 : Files were extracted.
    8. 13:13:17 : LGMobileDL Load.
    9. 13:13:17 : Port = -1
    10. 13:13:17 : Connecting to phone    
    11. 13:13:27 : Check Phone mode = 1
    12. 13:13:27 : Phone type check.......
    13. 13:13:27 : LGMobileDL.DLL Loading....
    14. 13:13:27 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    15. 13:13:27 : AuthMark啊 沥犬洒 Phone俊 Write 登瘤 臼疽嚼聪促!
    16. 13:13:27 : _SetAuthMark Fail
    17. 13:13:27 : LoadCDMAPhoneData() Error
    18. 13:13:27 : _DetachDLL Call
    19. 13:13:27 : _DetachDLL Call End
    20. 13:13:27 : Param : Path = C:\ProgramData\LGMOBILEAX\Phone\LGC710hAT-02-V10d-302-220-JAN-10-2011-TLS-CA+0-DZ.dz
    21. 13:13:27 : Param : moduleDir =
    22. 13:13:27 : Param : waitTime = 33000
    23. 13:13:27 : Param : UsbHighSpeed = 0
    24. 13:13:27 : Param : PhoneMode = 1
    25. 13:13:27 : Param : BinVersion = V10D_00
    26. 13:13:27 : Param : AuthMark = 0
    27. 13:13:27 : Call fn_StartUpgrade
    28. 13:13:34 : Smart : wParam = 3, lParam = 0
    29. 13:13:34 : Smart : wParam = 205, lParam = 0
    30. 13:13:34 : Smart : wParam = 100, lParam = 4008
    31. 13:13:34 : Step : Upgrade Error error code = 4008
    32. 13:13:34 : ResetStartInfo() Call
    33. 13:13:34 : _DetachDLL Call
    34. 13:13:34 : _DetachDLL Call End
    35. 13:13:34 : FreeLibrary Call
    36. 13:13:34 : FreeLibrary Call End
    37. 13:13:34 : ResetStartInfo() Call End
    38. 13:13:35 : ===FINISHED===
    39. 13:13:37 : OnModelDllMsg(OnMsgFromModelDll3GQCT_PDA) delete m_pLGCyonUpdate
    So unfortunately this does not seems to be the way to go to downgrade the phone...
  18. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    I repeat, I never said I was able to downgrade. I only tried and it didn't brick my phone.
  19. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    seanre453 actually got a black screen as in the phone wouldn't power on after trying to downgrade sadly... Must've been a fluke on his phone.

    I don't think there is a safe way to downgrade. I did post a technique for downgrading the baseband, but not sure anyone's willling to try it out and I forgot where I posted it. ;) hahah


    Read up this post, I have tons of info I put in there to downgrade baseband... Once the baseband is downgraded (IF it works), you only have to flash back with Nandroid a 2.1 ROM and it should work.
  20. zhuanyi

    zhuanyi Member

    I am afraid it did not work, here is the output when I tried to run the program:


  21. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Yeah, when I ran the software, a similar thing happened to me - however, I got lucky - at the point where it crashed, it had already finished updating the radio and such, but had not yet replaced my previously installed custom recovery. I could then use the custom recovery to flash whatever rom for 2.3.3 I wanted and it all worked swimmingly.

    That, of course, depends on having a custom recovery installed before attempting to use this procedure, and assumes that this crash occurs at the same spot.
  22. Onagoth

    Onagoth Member

    Like others,

    I can get my computer to detect my phone, and run the KDZ tools, but I am getting upgrade errors.

    WParam: 100
    LPARAM: 4008

    Any ideas?
  23. mwilliams7815

    mwilliams7815 New Member

    Same here, except my LPARAM is 500
  24. IceHawk

    IceHawk New Member

    I would like to thank the OP as this has worked for me!

    I spent some time writing out my experience in detail but as this is my first post the forum would not let me post it.
  25. IceHawk

    IceHawk New Member

    Some people in this forum deserve kisses, "seanre453" and "karendar" :eek::p.

    Not that you would get them from me but my wife is really happy that I unbricked her LG Shine Plus that she tried to update yesterday and I am likely to receive kisses tonight! :D

    I followed the instructions set fourth by "seanre453" at the start of this thread and with minor issues being;

    (1.) "where XXX is your phone's MEID, without dashes. Given a vaild MEID, the script will give you a text string containing a direct link to download the .KDZ firmware file. TO NOTE: The kdz file given to you contains android 2.3. I have not been able to test the possibility of reverting to a previous version of android with this method".

    *You must copy and paste only one of the URLs shown in the script to get the download.

    (2.) My PC would not detect my phone until,

    *I pulled the battery, waited 10 secs, reinserted battery then held 1+home+power on (emergency mode).

    Then phone was detected, started process mentioned above and voila! Unbricked phone. :rolleyes:

    All of this is a result of my wife reading that she could upgrade to a newer android to which I see no concrete evidence on the T website.

    She took this phone into the local store where the sales person somewhat laughed at her and told her that her best option was to get a pay as you go phone from Wally for around $100 or have it sent out for repair which would cost over $100.

    I phoned T and they said that they or I could not prove where the error occurred and therefore were unable to help with the issue and suggested that I go back to the T store and have it sent out for repair or purchase another phone. They did add a discount to my account towards the early-out fee towards a new phone.

    I phoned LG, nothing there either, they stated my best option was to have the phone repaired. I stated that I was unhappy with the salesperson at the local store and had no intentions of returning there to have the phone sent out and LG CS was helpful enough to give me the number to the actual repair place.

    I phoned the repair place and they told me they could not walk me through a recovery process as my phone needed to be re-flashed. They stated that the repair would only cost $39 +tax and shipping to them and they would repair it within 2 days of receiving it.

    At this point the last option was my choice as the CS at the repair shop seemed to be the most helpful and understanding. I thought I have nothing left to lose and followed the procedure in this thread which I now realize should have been my first step!!

    So many thanks to "seanre453" and "karendar" and anyone else deserving. Now how do I make her battery last for more than a day+? :eek:
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