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  1. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Morning all,

    So the day I have been anticipating for months has finally arrived. Even when Sports Interactive said they would not be releasing an Android Version I still had hope.......and then it was announced that my dream would come true on the 11th Apr 2012 and Football Manager Handheld 2012 would be released for my the hell is it !!!!!!!!!! ha ha

    Ive searched the Play Store again and again and even set a Google Alert but still nothing. I know Im being impatient but if any of you guys come across it please reply to this post so I can be notified whilst in work? I would be most obliged.

    Kind Regards


  2. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Will do! Sounds like im not the only one excited! Lol
  3. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Can't think of any game I'll enjoy more on my phone to be honest just hope it lives up to my expectations

    I checked the Sports Interactive forums and apparently they have submitted it to google, just waiting for them to authorise it......
  4. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Yeah 18:30UK time apparently! :)
    Only thing that concerns me is i will no doubt compare to pc version just like i did with gta Chinatown wars and gta 4!

    I've timed this well because i bought an extended battery for my galaxy s2! Just what i will need!
  5. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know what you mean, but I hope they get the right balance as it wont be a game where many will spend hours on end staring at a monitor, it will be more of a pick up and I hope things like press confrences etc will be more streamlined but I hope (and to me this is the most important thing) players stats are correct and their potential is there or thereabouts........realistic valuations too......

    Roll on 6.30..........I cant believe there is not much chat about this release today.......we must be the only two geeks in town lol !!
  6. gaz5282

    gaz5282 Member

  7. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    gaz5282 I am not ashamed to admit that I love you right now.......Nice work my friend nice work !!!
  8. gaz5282

    gaz5282 Member

    Sending the love rite back
  9. WazzuCougar02

    WazzuCougar02 New Member

    Registered just so that I could be in this thread. Good to know there were other addicts out there like me that were just as excited for 4/11/12.

    Just downloaded on both my thunderbolt and Zoom. :D:D:D:D:D:D

    I love this game.
  10. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Ha ha welcome aboard....I might start a Football Manager Sticky kind of thing where people can post their Transfers, stories, advice, tactics etc....I know there are dedicated forums for this but to me they come across as arrogant know it alls and basically we are new to this and will progress through this game together (bit deep that)....what do you reckon..?

    Tell you what, I suppose I should play the game first see if its any good ha ha
  11. WazzuCougar02

    WazzuCougar02 New Member

    I'd be ok with a dedicated thread. I understand the "know it all's".

    Started with Arsenal as well. Just want to get the hang of things with a big club and then go from there.

    Being in Seattle, I also follow the MLS pretty close. Wish that was included, but I'll be ok with the leagues they've got.
  12. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Well just fired up a new game with Liverpool and immediately my assistant manager told me the weakest part of the squad is attack, and I should look to replace Andy anybodies queries on accuracy should be answered there...
  13. gaz5282

    gaz5282 Member

    only thing i will say is using it on a asus transformer, it doesnt fit the screen properly, maybe i need to mess with settings
  14. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to purchase via phone or should i complete over pc? Im at work and not nearby my pc!
  15. gaz5282

    gaz5282 Member

    Phone is fine, its about 50mb in total the download.
  16. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    Done! Surprisingly quick! Now do i help bathe and feed my son or start fm for the first time? Mm lol
  17. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    I've been playing for about 3 hours now...yeah its quite nice, haven't been able to sell Kuyt or Maxi even though I've offered them to clubs for good prices. Purchased kadlec up front...opposition seem to score screamers outside the box...wish th here were more tactical settings such as position when defending corners...etc....I know it will never compare but the important things to me are tactics and transfers.....otherwise known as managing lol

    Anyone made any good transfers
  18. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Oh aye, I forget to mention, It kicked the shit out of my battery! ! ! Still playing it though just plugged up to the Mains
  19. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the news Lekky thank you.

    I have a few comments, certainly not criticisms. I adore the game up to now. Ill post a few comments and hopefully others will agree with me.

    Hats off to SI though never thought Id be able to play this game on my Android. !!!!

    Why did they announce that they were not producing one and then a week before announce a release?
  20. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    I'm like you Calvo1, I don't think I could ever hate this game. But there are a few things need improving, like the screen size, if you can see from my screenshots its pretty terrible :(

    I cant remember the exact date I read they weren't producing one, but it was a while ago! I think they had a lot (and i mean a lot) of requests for it to come to android, so just decided to go for it!
  21. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    I cant seem to be able to post on your review for some reason. My works computer does not have great internet access so if I could make a couple of points here, could you put them somewhere on your review page?

    - I just want to say that these are not negatives, I think the game is Ace, I understand the difficulties in bringing this game to Android. Ive played about 7 hours of football with Liverpool, Ive found my way around the game reasonably well but please take these comments with a pinch of salt if there are solutions and I just havent found them yet...this is first impressions only....

    First of all is the sound. I genuinely dont mind a 1gb game if we could download some more. The click sound when pressing a button is harsh and (for me anyway, especially wearing headphones) there are no crowd noises whilst a match is being played. I would certainly appreciate that.

    I would love to be able to determine individual tactics such as "Aim for Target Man", Far Post Crosses etc by just clicking on the position....I hope thats clear (invidual instructions for individual positions if that makes sense) I would also like to be able to determine player positions during Set Pieces. You may be able to do this but I havent found it yet.

    I find transfers slightly frustrating but I suppose its true to real life in that respect. For example I tried to sell Maxi Rodriguez and Dirk Kuyt for well below their value but didnt have one bid.....they are not that bad are they? lol

    Id love for there to be some slightly more interesting players on the Transfer/Loan List....I havent actually come to any negotiations for a player I am trying to buy......For example I was trying to buy Kadlec. I offered
  22. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    No problem I posted it up for you :p
  23. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lekky, Ive had a response from Marc, which I am very pleased about. Again I would like to reply to him but I cant post on that link you gave me for some reason, would you be so kind as to post the following reply?

    Marc, many thanks for your reply, to be honest I wasnt expecting the chief Dev to respond so fair play to you Sir

    I agree, the main thing is keeping the balance between detail and a pick up and play model. Obviously the easier to pick up and play the more customers you will have. Ive only been playing FM since 2007 so Im not an expert. I have followed many Forums such as SI Forums and FM Base and it strikes me that most people who buy this game would probably appreciate a more detailed approach. Im literally not exagerating here but Ive seen 100 page posts on how to get the best out of Andy Carroll....... Again certainly not a criticisim, I mean ,I struggle setting my alarm clock never mind developing an app of this quality....

    Since Im talking to a Dev I should explain my points ;

    A Match Day Sound Byte is essential.....after going through numerous slides and menus setting up the best possible team I can to beat Man U in the FA Cup Final, id like to hear the sound of an excited crowd cheering on the team I built. The actual match should be the spectacle as this what you have spent your entire time preparing for ..........

    I understand the copyright issues completely......can we download "Tactics" off the internet and place in a FMH folder in our phone that will appear in game for example?

    Yeah the Player List is a tricky one. Surely searching through 10gb of music by swiping a screen that only shows 8-10 songs is a lot slower than a continuus vertical scroll.......Maybe the swipable screens could be set into sections ie 1st page - All players from
  24. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    My phone rebooted earlier mid game-well i had saved it then hit exit- the end game option was there alongside New game etc on start screen but the phone rebooted before or as i confirmed i wanted to close. When i launched FM again the menu displayed continue game instead of load. That option did nothing. I rebooted the phone again to find my save game was no longer there! It was gone! I've had to start over,not too painful as i was only two friendlies in signing two players. Has this happened to anyone else yet? :confused:
  25. Calvo1

    Calvo1 Well-Known Member

    No I have had no crashes as yet.........what phone are you using?

    Im running SGS2 4.03 and its very smooth. ]

    What team did you go and who did you sign?

    I started as Liverpool -

    Martin Kelly -

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