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General For all people having battery life doubts

  1. filip989

    filip989 Member

    There it is, since many people have fears about battery life, I decided to see how long the battery would last for sensible usage - phone calls, messaging, a bit of internet (youtube, browsing, a few miner downloads), and using apps which you need - not gaming, although I did play on it a bit these few days, and here's the result. I'm pretty happy with this.


    Plus, it still has 1/4 charge left.

  2. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    how many days does your phone last? mine (HTC Desire C) lasts a day to a day and a half on normal usage..but with a little gaming, it lasts half a day..i used juice defender ultimate on mine (downloaded the patch on 4shared. :D), but now that i updaed my software to ICS 4.0.3, battery drains a lot faster and CPU uses heavily..my phone lags easily after even a short while of gaming unlike before the update.

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