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  1. Flfreeflier

    Flfreeflier New Member

    I've been using isyncr for about a year and I think it is great. It won't sync any DRM protected content, but it does a great job with non-DRM music. I loaded the WIFI app add-on and my music syncs with my PC while I'm asleep. I can recommend isyncr as a good solution and for me the convenience more than offsets the cost. Note that isyncr does require a program be loaded on your PC, but it is quite efficient and only uses resources when it needs to.

  2. Evening All,

    In terms of the e-mail app, when I receive an e-mail and open to read it. The text is massive is there anyway to shrink this so it fits on the screen. Pinching the screen doesn't work and i've looked in the settings but can't spot anything.

    Any assistance would be appreciated
  3. dawkinsmj

    dawkinsmj New Member

    Hi all,

    I have also just moved over from an iPhone 3GS to an HTC One X and so far am enjoying android and how easy it is to personalize it with the stock apps and free apps without having to 'jailbreak' like I did with the iPhone!

    I have one question about the stock email app, on my iPhone I had my work Exchange email setup which would indicate the number of new emails in a sub folder of the inbox, unfortunately the android email app does not do this, does anyone know if there is another app that does show you subfolders that have a new email in it?

    Apart from that all is good so far, and the iPhone went straight on eBay. :)
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome to AF dawkinsmj, glad you're happy to have made the jump! :)

    You can try K9-Mail, that's a pretty popular, feature laden alternative.
  5. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Well-Known Member

    Re: mediamonkey

    Yea I tried mediamonkey already but it doesn't sync properly as well.
    -You have to set it phone to USB for it to recongnise.
    -A lot of the song/album art that I had stored on the song itself showed up incorrectly just like others I tried.
    -once u sync with mediamonkey the HTC sync resets
    -its a shame coz I always wanted to use mediamonkey on my iPhone my iPad now my android... And it all failed :'(
  6. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Well-Known Member

    Just want to include this info here for previous or current iphone/ipad users.

    IPHONE/IPAD wall CHARGERS plug WORKS with the micro usb cable.

    so far by my research on the forums etc, it seems that although some other wall plug chargers may not work all the time, but if you own a iphone/ipad, then the wall plug works with the micro usb cable to charge your HTC ONE X, and should not dmg your battery in anyway.

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  7. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Got my new HTC one X yesterday...

    So far performance is average compared to my iphone.... This thing seems buggy as hell...

    Some apps like Stocks... The bottom of screen flickers while it is open...

    But I got this phone in the knowledge that I would need to get used to it... And am prepared to give Android a chance... Will see how I go...
  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    What other issues are you having Nazzy? We might be able to help with some fixes.
  9. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    The thing peeving me.off the.most atm.:.

    Several times now... I pick up my phone and the ring is stuck at the bottom of the screen...

    It responds to my touch but it won't move up the screen to unlock...

    I have too restart...
  10. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    When surfing the web..

    When you resize the page.... It pauses and then jumps across..

    The jumps are highly annoying and ruins the experience.... Not too mention slows me down...
    Like when you resize then click on a link then because of the lag the page jumps to a different part of the page... And now its sending you to a different link from the one you chose...
  11. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member


    There is no denying the brilliance of the screen on the HTC one X...

    However... The iPhone is smoother IMO and a better experience in terms of usability...

    If I was apple... Creating something like the htc one x as iPhone 5 would totally rule!!

    I'll have to have a good look around this forum... To learn more about the attraction of android...

    It is very evident that HTC has Scoped the development of the HTC one x right back from the moment when you very first open the box....

    The phone prompts you through the whole setup process including importing contact files... Which is something every new phone owner has to deal with... I liked this very much...

    Enuff from me tonight...
  12. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    The ring thing is interesting, it's not a problem I've heard before.

    Have you checked to see if there are any system updates? Settings -> About -> Software Updates
  13. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Thank you..

    I checked just now... And there are no updates...

    I also note that this where I can send feedback to HTC... This should prove to be quite helpful...

    Have you tried opening the stock icon by yahoo finance... When the tool bar starts scrolling in the top right hand corner....the bottom of the screen starts shaking and jittering.....

    I phones keyboard operates way more effectively and efficiently then this...
    Grab an iPhone try out your typing accuracy and speed... Then repeat in android....

    I also note that I can feel the phone getting quite hot around the camera lense as I type this....
  14. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I'm wondering if you've got a faulty handset, mine doesn't perform as yours does at all.

    As a last resort, have you tried a factory reset?
  15. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Well-Known Member

    yes i totally agree about the keyboard sensitivity and accuracy where iphone seems to be better at imo as well.

    Has anyone had the same feel? maybe there have been tweaks or settings to make our android device as effective? anyone know?
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  16. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Yep its a usabiliy thing...

    If you compare them side by side the iPhone keyboard has smaller keys leaving a gaps between all of the keys.... I would suggest that this greatly adds to typing accuracy...
  17. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Cheers mate...

    Will be back later to discuss further... Very interested to here from u...
  18. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

  19. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Wow... Ok will try this...

    Why don't they put this type of keyboard as standard if it is so readily available? It is odd that for such a fundamental aspect... The phone is not developed with a premium keyboard?
  20. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    The one great thing about Android is that it's open enough to let you choose.

    Don't like the keyboard? Download another one. Don't like the look - get a new theme.

    Don't like the email client? Download another one.

    Don't like the browser? Download another one.

    Don't like the calendar? Download another one.

    Don't like the quality of the text-to-speech? Download another TTS engine (e.g. SVOX).

    And so on.

    That's all before you look at all the widgets you can get to convey information in a range of ways and styles. Many are free, and most are as affordable as anything from the Apple App Store. You even get to try the app out for 15 minutes to check it works, or else get a full refund.

    You can even get replacement camera apps, although so far I've not found a way to get handsets with dedicated camera keys to load a different app.
  21. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Well-Known Member

    yea i just tried the go keyboard today and its definitely better than the stock one.
    Someone also recommended 'swiftkey' keyboard so i might give that a try in few days.
  22. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Well-Known Member

    The reasons are manifold but I think some of the key aspects surrounding this are:
    • Fear of lawsuit for too direct of similarities (which is bunk, but Apple WILL try it)
    • not everyone likes the iPhone keyboard layout (has smaller keys)
    • Development = time = $ to HTC, they are building a device within an operational cost budget, and to load several keyboards (or KB themes) into the ROM for the device simply raises the cost- and is unnecessary because those options are available via the play store if anyone should want them.

    Here again, "premium" can be a matter of perception. Sense has had one of the "best" keyboards on Android for a while (again, this is subjective observation), and I am sure they haven't spent much development on it since it's initial acclaim/success. But to do so would kind of miss the point of the modern smartphone ecosystem, manufacturers just have to maintain and keep their system-level apps (like the keyboard) relevant, and if people want better, better is readily available...
  23. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Well-Known Member

    Yeah I like both Swiftkey and "Swype" (if available still), they take getting used to but work miles better than any stock keyboard.

    Don't forget you have voice actions and voice-to-text as well. I think I actually use that more than anything (makes me feel important, like I have a secretary to take dictation or something - I should sign all my texts "dictated, not read")
  24. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Well-Known Member

    Agree, this is the great thing about the mobile device world we live in/are about to live in. It is true for other devices as well, but is really the easiest and most advanced with Android. I had a general social commentary to this effect typed up in my response to Nazzy, but I didn't want him/her to feel like I was lecturing at them, so I'll throw it here as it is the same line of thought:

    Here is my perspective on this, beginning with the iPhone and continuing with Android and will extend to all "smart" mobile devices- Gone are the days when the manufacturers have to do anything beyond putting out competitive hardware, working firm/software, and flashy marketing. Think about PC's/Mac's, you buy a computer, and it has some stuff pre-loaded, but that pre-loaded stuff might not (probably won't, actually) do what you want and need it to do; so you turn to the online and brick-and-mortar ecosystem for finding the software (and hardware- think specialty keyboards and mice, etc.) to accomplish your ends. For a long time phones/PDAs/Mobile Devices had a lack of uniformity and so a lack of a reliable ecosystem for doing the same- if a device didn't do what you needed out of the box, you returned it for one that did, didn't buy it, or jumped through hoops (or learned to develop) to make/get what you wanted out of it (Windows mobile and Palm might be exceptions to this, but you had to actively seek the enhancements). And so we had these expectations for mobile devices, separate from our conditioned expectations of computers, to be fully-functional right away. Does anyone remember how miserable the first iPhone was until the app store launched? How about the early days of the G1, before the Android Market had more than ~50 apps? This actually pre-dates Android and iOS both (for some of my fellow math class nerds- Texas Instruments really started this in the late nineties; you could use their calculators as they were, do most of your math long-hand, and use some of their specialty programs they wrote, or they encouraged people to write their own programs and share them on forums on the internet. Windows mobile and Palm also did similarly (but they weren't really sponsored by/encouraged by the manufacturers and they still continued to try to include everything they thought you needed). In this case, HTC was developed a keyboard that they think is what people want and need, and for most people that works; but HTC can also quickly scan the market and see literally at least a thousand of keyboard apps and themes available, many for free, so why be inefficient and waste resources duplicating what is already available? And I don't really see this evolution as a bad thing; personally, I want HTC to spend resources on streamlining Sense, and developing drivers and firmware for the latest and greatest hardware, as I personally use Swiftkey or Swype, or even voice-to-text instead of the stock keyboards from any manufacturer.
    Phones and tablets really are slowly replacing PC's/Mac's both in terms of functionality and marketing ecosystem. But we are still right on the cusp of this paradigm shift, and still have a lot of users with the "this works fine" non-innovative settling mentality (and Apple has really kind of hurt the transition to this user-customized world), bucking against the manufacturers trying to keep costs/prices down. This will normalize before too long, just like the PC market (remember when MS Office became the standard for everything, yet wasn't included in the price you paid for PC's), when we as consumers condition ourselves to find and apply what we want (like we do now with cars and computers and houses, etc.), not simply buy it and discard it.
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  25. nazzysmith

    nazzysmith Member

    Brilliant stuff guys... Your perspectives are eye opening to say the least...

    Please feel free to adress me directly... I'm more then happy to engage in constructive discussion...

    My intent is to learn here... My iphone provided me with 2 awesome years of problem free service... IMO they set the bar very high...

    I'm not looking for an iPhone key board per say.... I'm looking for the trouble free Smooth and consistent operation I got... This keyboard sucks...

    I'm prepared to put the time in to see where android can take me...
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