For Sale : $12 : SanDisk 32GB microSDHC

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  1. rossmathis

    rossmathis Well-Known Member

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    ..For Sale

    ..SanDisk 32GB microSDHC


    Shipping Included?

    Payment Options

    ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    ..Lots of dirty pictures and videos. No. Just kidding. The card will be formatted and ready for use upon arrival.

    Additional Information/Comments
    Pretty straight forward -- SanDisk 32 GB Mobile microSDHC Flash Memory Card with Class 4 Speed performance rating.
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  2. 2011mazdaspeed

    2011mazdaspeed Well-Known Member

    12 including shipping ? Lol
  3. rossmathis

    rossmathis Well-Known Member

  4. 2011mazdaspeed

    2011mazdaspeed Well-Known Member

    If its a relay genuine card ill take it
  5. pcdebb

    pcdebb VIP Member VIP Member

    crap I read this to late :(
  6. rossmathis

    rossmathis Well-Known Member

    Solding pending funds...

    Will update if anything falls through.
  7. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    Closing thread. Let me know if it needs reopened. ;)

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