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For Sale : $350 OBO : Asus Transformer Prime

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  1. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

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    ..For Sale

    ..Asus Transformer Prime Champagne 32 GB

    ..$350 OBO

    Shipping Included?

    Payment Options

    ..Great: Device in great shape and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    -AC/USB Charger
    -Moko Folding case ($50)
    -Extra Screen Protector
    -Zeemote ($30)
    -Original Box
    -2 year squaretrade.com warranty I believe to be transferable, not 100% sure. ($79)


    Additional Information/Comments
    Runnings JellyBean 4.1
    Getting rid of it because I barely use it, very light use.

    Sorry about that Bob Cat, didn't read that anywhere.

    Here are the updated pictures with today's date and other appropriate information. Again, please let me know if there are any questions or any other information anyone is interested in.

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  2. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

    Price drop to $350 shipped
  3. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

  4. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

    No one interested?
  5. dyeLucky

    dyeLucky Well-Known Member

    $250 less the extras?
  6. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

    Won't really have a use for the extras when I get rid of the tablet.

    You looking at the tablet and charger only?
  7. dyeLucky

    dyeLucky Well-Known Member

  8. dyeLucky

    dyeLucky Well-Known Member

    I'll take just the tablet and the a/c adapter for $250.00

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