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For Sale : $500 : Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

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    ..Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3


    Shipping Included?
    . Yes

    Payment Options
    ..Paypal, Cash

    ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    ..If I get my price I will include a white/grey Otterbox Commuter case, a white Spigen Ultra Thin Air case, a white case with kickstand/holster combo(like the case/holster combo from Verizon just white) and Ghost Armor screen and back protectors(will have replaced so brand new for buyer)

    Additional Information/Comments
    Looking to sell my white Verizon Galaxy S3. It is rooted running the Mean Lean Jelly Bean Machine Rom. The phone has no damage at all and has been in a Otterbox Commuter case for most of the time I've had it and a Spigen Ultra Thin Air case since day 1. It has also had a Ghost Armor screen and back protector on it since day 1. I have the original box and all original unused accessories for it. I am asking $400 for the phone. Again like I said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone, I'm just looking to get the Note 2. Looking for a local cash sale or I will accept Paypal and ship it.
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  2. rossmathis

    rossmathis Well-Known Member

    16GB or 32GB?
  3. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    Sorry didn't realize I didn't put that. 16gb
  4. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    Price dropped, trying to get money for a Note 2!! $450 shipped with the accessories
  5. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    $400 shipped!!! I need to sell this to get my Note 2!!!
  6. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

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