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    I have a Seidio extended battery,battery cover, case, and holster...this must be sold together as a set because the case and holster are made for the extended battery.
    I thought I would need the extra juice the battery provided, but Ive been doing fine with my original battery plus the oem extended battery that I have.
    This package cost 120.00 plus shipping and tax......I will sell for 80.00

    SEIDIO | SURFACE Case & Holster Combo for Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    SEIDIO | Innocell Super Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
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  2. Droid916

    Droid916 Well-Known Member

  3. escobar0o3

    escobar0o3 Well-Known Member

    how much did you use the battery?
  4. escobar0o3

    escobar0o3 Well-Known Member

    is this still available?
  5. Droid916

    Droid916 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I haven't checked this site lately....battery was used for 8 full cycles....meaning, fully charged, then fully drained.
    I sent ya a pm
  6. Droid916

    Droid916 Well-Known Member

    Will be reposting this with my Nexus phone for 300.00.......Ad to come soon.

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