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  1. Acerman

    Acerman New Member

    New to the site. Don't know if this has been posted before but if it hasn't, it may help someone else. If you are having a problem connecting your Acer A100 to wifi you may want to check this out. If you have any lower case L in your router password please remove it. The reason is that due to Androids great wisdom they place a number 1 in place of the lower case L. If you watch it when you are entering your password you will see that it comes up as a number 1.This happens not only in my Acer but my son's as well. This only happens as far as I know when you are entering a password in the password box. Other boxes seem to be ok when entering a lower case L. Acer help told me that this was normal. You figure that one out.

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  2. AndreQ

    AndreQ Member

    That's crazy, man.
  3. retrorom

    retrorom Well-Known Member

    Ha, and I learned something new today :)
  4. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    Is this only for the a100 or would this be a problem with other devices?
  5. Vytis320

    Vytis320 New Member

    :(:Hello Gang...Just got me Prime and pretty excited to get into using it. I tried to drag a movie from my PC into movies and file manager but file would open. I know its me but has to be some sort of process unknown to me. Can some one assist? Thanks
  6. milly225

    milly225 New Member

    Got a Acer iconia a100 today. Works fine and connects to internet and android market until I insert my 32g SD card. With the SD card in I cannot connect to internet or market, it has trouble talking to wifi. When I take the card out all is back to normal. Any tips on how to fix..greatly appreatiated.
  7. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Did you format the card before use? Some cards come with junk preloaded.
    Transfer anything you put on the card to your computer, then format the card.
    If it works after formatting - transfer the stuff back from the computer to the card.

    You can either use a card reader, or the USB cable.
  8. BeastNH

    BeastNH New Member

    I dont have a L 1 issue with mine ..... I have tried with my wireless network to connect my new A100 to it and the router sees it but all I get on the device is Aquiring IP Address and it just keeps recycling every so often any ideas? Tried changing the Security from WEP to NONE and still same issue.
  9. jimdon44

    jimdon44 New Member

    BeastNH: I don't know if this will help but I have the A500 and I had occsional breakups of my wifi signal. I discovered that if I turn on the Bluetooth with my wifi, I don't have the problem anymore.
  10. mstiaemma

    mstiaemma New Member

    I've had the same wifi connectivity problem as many of you. I am stuck in the connecting-authenticating-disconnecting loop. I actually did send my tablet in to Acer and was appalled that it came back stating "no trouble". I've tried all the fixes I have been able to find online and nothing works. I don't have any issues with any other wireless computers connecting to my router. The tablet worked just fine for one month after purchasing and then stopped connecting to wifi. Anyone have any other ideas?
  11. Pocketfuzz

    Pocketfuzz New Member

    I've jus recently been experiencing trouble connecting to Wi Fiwith both my Acer A100 and my Galaxy S2. My netbook was showing EXCELLENT signal strength and locked on immediately. But the Tablet and Phone kept saying POOR signal or NETWORK DISCONNECTED.

    Double checked my password. Disconnected, "FORGET" network, changed the band frequency connection from Auto to 2.4.GHz and that worked for the phone, but not the tablet.

    In the end I turned off both devices as well as the router. Turned router back on and then each device. Input passcode and voila! Connected! Hope it doesn't happen often.
  12. chknNoodl

    chknNoodl New Member

    Me too. Acer A100 connected to WiFi for a month, no problems. To fix the WiFi, I reset my router and voila... I am back online. I didn't bother to turn off anything. Once reset, WiFi connected with no problems.
  13. Iambax

    Iambax New Member

    Today I returned from work, I've been away for two weeks, and I find my a100 not sending a video to my tv through the HDMI. I attempted to update the android OS and find that even with a "excellent" connection it tells me the "network connection is poor move to another location". Is this a output/hardware issue or is it a software/setting issue? Any help is appreciated.

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