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  1. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    This is becoming a widespread issue on Verizon now with many reports. This is good in that they know it's a problem and hopefully will have a fix soon, like Sprint supposedly did with their recent OTA.

    If you are having problems please make sure you report it to Verizon support by calling them at 611 or going online. The more people complain, the more likely a fix will come through quickly. They have a support website that has this issue posted on it and it's currently 7 pages deep with unhappy people.

    Here's a direct link to that page (that hopefully works!):

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  2. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Great news for anyone suffering with this issue: Verizon has stated that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix that will come out with the next OTA! For those following the thread above, the statement is made on a post on page 10.
  3. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    That's great news. Initially, it seemed like Sprint was the only one with massive issues, but good to know that the providers and Samsung have worked fast on fixes.
  4. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    I'm not really sold on this being a "widespread" issue for Verizon customers.

    I understand there a quite a few customers on their forums reporting the issue, but considering the hundreds of thousands of these units sold, and the relative few on these forums with the issue, it seems a little blown out of proportion.

    It's certainly minimal compared to the issues faced by early adopters of some iPhone versions.
  5. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Well-Known Member

    Widespread might not be the best term, but 10 pages of people having a problem is a pretty good indicator that there is an issue. The post and link are for people with the problem, to give them news and hope so they don't have to abandon a phone they otherwise love.

    I take it you do not have this issue. Thank your lucky stars. If you did, I'm sure you would not be so dismissive of it. I'm just glad Verizon is on it.
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    If it's anything like the Sprint issue, it's definitely a worthy enough issue for Verizon to fix.

    Some can just be skeptics.
  7. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    Not skeptical at all, I've seen the VZW forums. I also noted that a VZW rep acknowledged the issue and stated an update was being prepared.

    I consider myself fortunate, not lucky, to not have the issue, I have a very strong signal at the locations I frequent.
  8. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    My understanding is that, it's the same/similar issue that Sprint folks were having and it didn't have anything to do with the signal strength. The issue is, while on calls, there is a popping and/or squealing sound. I had the issue on my Sprint version, until they released the update. The main thing is that everyone should be having the same experience and it was a blessing in disguise that many Sprint versions were having the same issue earlier and Samsung/Sprint were fairly quick to figure out it was a software issue (not a hardware, which was still being speculated, prior to the software update).
  9. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    If your build number ends in MI9, as mine does, there is an update available to MJ7, which I was only notified about after connecting my N3 to a PC running Kies. I've checked for updates from the phone almost daily since it was released.

    The Sprint update to address audio issues was MJ4, so this update is newer.

    Comments on the VZW forums indicate this has fixed the audio issue for some users, although the update has been problematic.

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  10. pman219

    pman219 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for my ignorance, where do I get the update from ?
  11. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    On the phone, go to Settings, About phone, Software update, Check for new software update.

    If that doesn't notify you of the available update, you'll need to install Kies on your PC/Mac. If you're installing to a Windows PC, make sure you get Kies 3, the version for the Note 3.

    Then, connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable that came with the phone, and start Kies on the computer.

    If the update is available for your N3's version/region, it will show you a message similar to the one I posted earlier in this thread.
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  12. grumpy

    grumpy Member

    This update worked for me. Loving the phone now.
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  13. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Welcome to AF, grumpy! :)

    I am glad to hear the update took care of the problem. I had it on Sprint and it was great when they fixed it for me, too.
  14. rcaine

    rcaine Well-Known Member

    When I checked in setup last night I was able to get the Verizon update OTA. I was not having voice issues so I can't say if it helped. Verizon is rolling it out.

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