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General for those who paid for cell phone spy programs

  1. ReeseB

    ReeseB New Member

    I know several of you have paid for spy programs that you can't get to work...do you have any access to the target phone? What I did didn't cost a dime...I simply found the woman's name in his contacts & changed her cell number to mine, so when he texted her, they came to my phone...be sure they will catch on at some point, but you can be ready for that & remember you are not the one who is suspected of cheating

  2. greenbob

    greenbob New Member

    Well, I just need an spy program for my child, I notice that he is spending too much time on mobile and puppy love suspected. I download the program from Cnet, yes, simple install progress.
    After installation on my child mobile phone without his detected, I find that I am wrong, just some unhappy relationship with his classmates, while he didn't talk to me but his brother. I am disappointed. I will be self-examination and find a suitable way to talk me him. Thanks for this program. Great.

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