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    for what its worth there is a loophole where you can add or upgrade a line and keep unlimited data on the lines you want, then just switch a dumb phone to the added or upgraded line, that's what I just did to get the note 2. not sure how long the loophole will last, but it only added $10 a month to my bill so its like paying full price but you get 24 months to do it. sooner or later I will switch to straight talk or Tmobile but for now it works for me!
  3. MandiB2010

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    Looks like the petition is closed?
  4. Cam501

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    I'd be interested in finding out more details before upgrading my ancient droid incredible
  5. CBrinser

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    If you "renew" your contract by upgrading your phone through VZW you will be forced to select a different data plan. They only way to hang onto your contract would be to buy a used phone or shell out $$$ for a new phone without claiming the new-contract price. VZW is garbage and I'm currently in the process of downloading 1TB of data on my grandfathered plan to sock it to them. Also, I read my ToS before I went ahead with this silent protest of their actions and if you write them a nasty e-mail and drop the f bomb like a million times. They reserve the right to drop you as a if you want to switch carriers and don't want to pay your early termination fee. Just take all the frustrations of life out on them via e-mail. If they don't boot you, then they break their own terms. DOWN WITH VZW!!!!!!!
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    Unless you are suddenly aware of a carrier owned by angels, you're not going to find much different attitudes - or plans. It is like a gas station on ever corner - they all sell gas for about the same price.

    I've been with T-Mobile and AT&T and I can assure you, after you've been with them for a while, you'll see how much they also suck. Two years with Verizon have actually been the best of all of them.
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    halfcab123 for all your needs is awesome
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    Looks like a good service, but doesn't address the topic. Apparently there is nothing new on the grandfathering front. I was wondering about whether it's possible to tell Verizon that you want to maintain the conditions of your current unlimited contract upon buying a new phone. Anyone know about this?

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