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for those with otterbox casesTips

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  1. ult

    ult Active Member

    Are the buttons hard to press on each of your cases?

    If so are they getting broken in and easier to press or still really hard?

    I appreciate the help Im waiting on a commuter case that I preordered awhile ago and would like to make sure its what I want, I dont want something I need pliers for to get the phone on, volume raised etc.

  2. waremaster

    waremaster Well-Known Member

    I have otterbox defender cases on all of my phones the buttons are definitely stiffer but i like it better. I actually don't like the feel of the buttons on the phones outside of the cases anymore.
  3. ElvisJr

    ElvisJr New Member

    I have the commuter going on 2 weeks now. Buttons are stiff and seeming to loosen. Although I prefer the buttons that way, less chance of accidental pressing. Love the smooth surface, slides in and out pocket easily. No regrets.
  4. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

    I had a commuter for about 2 weeks and the buttons never softened up so I returned it before it was passthe return window
  5. ult

    ult Active Member

    thanks guys anymore people like to tell me their experience?
  6. I have been using Otterbox cases since my iPhone 3G and I generally like them.

    Currently, I am using the Commuter for my white S3 and my HTC One X. As for the S3, the power button is a bit stiff but the thing I hate about it is you could never feel the tactile so before you know it, your phone starts up already. Overall though, it's a great casing. I bought it to stop the creaking noise made by the back cover.

    The Commuter for the HOX is a bad one. The silicon underneath the polycarbonate shell isn't properly aligned which causes difficulty pressing the volume rocker. Compared to the Commuter for S3, the latter perfectly fits mine.

    My pebble blue is completely naked as I love touching and feeling the smoothness of the phone and it just looks so good to be covered by black casing and it is rock solid - no creaking.
  7. warpfactor

    warpfactor Member

    I have had the commuter now for about 4 weeks. At first i thought that the buttons were a tad to stiff, but now i don't ever notice them. They seem right for the toughness of the case. Which i would defiantly recommend to anyone who wants that bit extra protection.
  8. ult

    ult Active Member

    Had a defender for my og evo but do not want such a big case for the s3. Thanks for the input keep it coming. Been waiting for weeks for my blue commuter to arrive and starting to get impatient. They had the plum commuter at a local sprint corp store yest so idk why the blue one isn't out yet. Sucks
  9. ult

    ult Active Member

    Ok I got a black commuter today, the buttons are very stiff so I think Im going to just give up on the commuter, cancel my amazon preordered sky blue commuter case and get something else. Too bad as I like the slim factor more than the ballistic maxx Ive been using.

    thanks for the info.
  10. pandage

    pandage Member

    i have a commuter case and the buttons still give a nice click without having to press hard but the amount of pressure is enough to prevent you from pressing accidentally. i thought the hard to press issue would happen to like with other otterboxes but i was surprised at how well it worked on the s3.
  11. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

  12. jiggs49us

    jiggs49us Active Member

    I had a black otter commuter on mine for about a week and returned it because it was too slippery on the edges for my tastes - almost dropped it twice. Otterbox does make a very nice, durable case in my opinion - just didn't suit me. I went back to the Boxwave slip on case - not as much protection as the Otter but I can keep ahold of it.

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