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For you playing "Deflektor Remake"...

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  1. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Now christmas is coming and I've got some more free time on my hands.
    Don't know if you care but the Deflektor Remake v.1.0.2 will feature:

    - Difficulty option (HARD, MEDIUM, EASY) which affects battery power time.
    - Music loop bug fixed.
    - Play using keyboard A,W,S,Z and L keys.
    - A scaled 2X version using the entire screen.
    Maybe: Scaled 2X version using touchscreen as game controls (only in game mode, not it title, about, options mode etc.).

    // Jompe71

  2. smint

    smint Well-Known Member

    Sounds very good. Would love it to be full screen and touch screen
  3. ram100987

    ram100987 Well-Known Member

    i would like to see the difficulty option because I can't even manage to beat the first level... There are two bombs i can not figure out how to destroy, especially with the battery time limit...
  4. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    I would guess the two at bottom on top of each other?
    1) Laser from transmitter to bottom left mirror (starting position).
    2) Guide using bottom left mirror 45deg right to the next mirror.
    3) Guide straight right to the rightmost mirror.
    4) Guide 90deg down towards optical tunnel.
    5) Turn optical tunnel so that beam goes into the hole.
    6) Go to the other optical tunnel (beam goes out through the hole.)
    7) Turn it so beam goes towards bottom and hits the two barrels.

  5. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Beta testing time of Deflektor Remake v1.0.2b! [​IMG]

    New features (and some bugfixes on laserbeam and gremlins).
    1) Cursor can now be controlled by keys A, W, S, D and L.
    2) When playing the game zoom mode is available by pressing space.
    3) In zoom mode cursor can be controlled also with touch (Pretty usless so far since my fingers are to large).
    4) Music now playing repeatable.
    5) New option controlling difficulty (hard, medium, easy)*. Previous version same as hard, i.e. v < 1.0.2

    * Not compliant with current online hiscore table.

    PLEASE! Test and play your ass of (if you got some free time) and mail me some creative feedback.

    // Jompe71

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