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  1. sinborn

    sinborn New Member

    Hi. First I'd just like to thank the community for being here, and helping people like me get the most out of our phones. I've been using different roms and kernels from here and xda forums, and ever since I started using the froyo leak (now I am using superclean 2.2 voodoo) I can't get a number of apps to work. My biggest complaint is dolphin HD force closes. I also have other random apps that don't work (google sky map)

    • I installed EB01 baseband first using odin
    • I did the factory reset/cache wipe twice before I installed the .zip using cwr
    • I reinstalled apps from the marketplace
    Did I miss something? Most everything works very well, but I really don't like the stock browser :(

  2. sinborn

    sinborn New Member

    A little more generalized google searching came up with some answers that worked to fix my force close problems. I went into settings -> applications -> manage applications -> all -> found the offending apps and uninstalled -> went to google services framework, force stopped, and cleared the data and cache. Thanks for the help :p

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