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  1. hexoneism

    hexoneism Member

    i have the droid bionic. haha. does not seem much like a 'bionic' now a days. it does have the ICS update but as of the last two weeks or so, just about every single application i open/use, it force closes. and this happens pretty much on a daily basis. these are some of the ones i use the most, google chrome, evernote, go launcher ex, go sms pro, instagram, maps, mint, fish bowl photo gallery, ruzzle, wunderlist; to name a few. and the lag on it is simply ridiculous. is there anything i can co besides a complete factory reset(which ive done once already about 4 months ago). please help

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Did you do the factory data reset since going to ICS? If you have not then that is your first step. The switch from GB to ICS has cause numerous issues that dont always show up right away.

    Have you download any new apps that might be causing this issue?
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  3. jaysquared

    jaysquared Member

    Could also be a bad app or app gone bad. I would try using an application like watchdog first before factory reset. There's another one too I think it's called airpush? Its on the market and detects apps using invasive or dangerous permissions. I used of when I was getting annoying push notifications for random ads constantly. Good luck.
  4. hexoneism

    hexoneism Member

    i have done a factory reset. and i have Lookout mobile security too. ive also done the Airpush thing. but still, it is beyond lagging.
    i also tried Cache Cleaner, and ill be honest it has somewhat helped a lil bit. but still, different apps stop responding on a daily basis.
    the major ones that do this are Go Sms Pro and Google Chrome.

    and why oh why in the world does it take up to a minute for the camera to actually come on after i push the button???

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