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Forced wallpaper crop?Support

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  1. swindlenz

    swindlenz Member

    Hi all

    Loving my new tablet. Not fancy, but fun non the less!

    Now, my one gripe... Why am I forced too crop wallpapers in order to apply them? I find wallpapers at a 1280x800 resolution, yet am forced to crop in order to apply?

    Call me fresh but the logic escapes me, any help here? A fix, or workaround?


  2. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    It's because the screen is 1280 x 800, but the wallpaper has to fit your 5 home screens.
    So you could use a different resolution wallpaper as it's going to scale up or down to fit anyway.

    I also find that if you open the picture in the browser and then long press on the image and select set as wallpaper it seems to skip the cropping and fits better.

    For example, if your wallpaper is named wallpaper1.jpg and it's saved on your SD card in the download folder, type in


    in the browser address

    Welcome by the way, it was getting lonely in the A200 forum
  3. swindlenz

    swindlenz Member

    Thanks for the reply dude.

    At the risk of sounding stupid, i still dont understand the reason images are so heavly cropped?

    I mean these live wallpapers are sharp, and must be much more memory heavy then any high res still image? Ive built countless gaming computers over the years and seen many, and solved many issues...

    But this just leaves me baffled???

    Do you know what the cropped images res is?

    Off topic, is the A200 yet to catch on or something? Thought these forums would be going off due to it being new and all...
  4. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    I agree that it seems to go overboard on the cropping, but it has to cope with portrait and landscape as well as the 5 home screens.
    But that doesn't explain why it it works so much better if you set as wallpaper from the browser. Did you try that method?

    I was also surprised that there wasn't more interest in the A200 forum, but maybe that's because users aren't having any problems (unlikely), they are finding answers elsewhere (more likely as the A200 is similar to the A500) and/or it hasn't yet been released in the US.

    AFAIK it's released tomorrow in the US, so I expect things will pick up a bit after that
    (I'm not having a dig at people in the US, it's just a bigger market)
  5. swindlenz

    swindlenz Member

    We have had it in nz for a while now! Funny.

    Think ill ditch it for a quad core wheb we see them though. Maybe a second revision one. Its a little slow for my liking. Mostly the the laggy typing. Annoying.

    For the price though, very good bang for buck i say.

    Edit: did try setting from broswer, still cropped it to sin and back.
  6. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    There's a Tegra 3 Acer tablet on the way (A700).
    The laggy typing is a bitch. Sometimes I switch over to my netbook when I get frustrated with the tablet. I'm hoping Ice Cream Sandwich OS update will fix that in a few weeks.

    I don't know why Acer held off releasing the A200 in the US, but maybe they didn't want to upset their wholesale buyers and gave them a chance to run out stocks of the A500 first. But then, I don't know why the UK and other markets didn't get the same deal.
    I bought my A200 last year, I've already got an A500 but couldn't pass up the deal for $299 with the $49 cashback.
  7. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    I just plugged in a USB keyboard ($9 from officeworks) to see if it's still laggy. It's way better than the virtual keyboard, so it's just the google keyboard that is the problem. Sort of defeats the point of a tablet though, but it's easier than booting up (or carrying around) the laptop.

    I might try out other virtual keyboards to see if they are any better, but you'd think they would have fixed this problem by now.

    The USB port is one of the really great features of the Acer tabs. I originally planned to get a Samsung but now I'm really glad that Apple blocked it here
  8. swindlenz

    swindlenz Member

    Thats a good deal! Cost me $400 NZD on the 26th december, last year. Things are are so expensive!

    The A500 was about $900 NZD for the high end model... No way i was paying that...

    Any idea when we will see ICS?

    Im using another vitual keyboard atm, and it would seem to be a hardware issue, because it is as laggy..
  9. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

  10. swindlenz

    swindlenz Member

    Sadly no, not for us.
  11. Hernaman

    Hernaman New Member

    Good to see some fellow A200 owners. I read that the ICS update should be released mid February, can't hardly wait. :)
  12. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    And good to finally see some US owners. Maybe now that you guys are on board, Gameloft will make their games available for A200.
    I installed a couple of games that "aren't available for A200" via my A500.
  13. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    There's an app on the market called multipucture live wallpaper. I remember having it on my xoom and tweaking the settings gets the wallpaper on right.
  14. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone one. Just wanted to chime in. Got my tab yesterday. Still getting use to it. My first one. Microcenter had it for 299. Loving it so far. Just have to have some time to Play with it. Well just wanted to say hi. Hoping all you pros out there will be able to teach me a thing or two about it. So far yall are off to a good start seeing how I needed help opening the stinking sd card slot. Lol

    F7FTIGERCAT New Member

    Hi there
    just a note to say, I got mine today and so far it is doing everything I need it to do.
    it will be fun to see the upgrade
    that door on the sd slot, if you push on the inside edge so that it bends in the middle,then
    lift the pivot end with a finger nail of eqiv. it will move out of the way. least works for me.
    the next issue will be to find a car charger
    have fun be well may the droid be with you

    they keep telling me i am over the hill, i find that hard to belive since i never saw the top
    Will Rogers

  16. Terrigno

    Terrigno Well-Known Member

    ICS will speed up that keyboard lag. Ive got it installed and its a good amount better then Honeycomb. But A small compact USB Keyboard is your best bet for typing out long stuff on Tablets.
  17. Cleon73

    Cleon73 New Member

    I downloaded this app and it works perfectly, thanks kool kat2!!!!!
  18. lifesignz

    lifesignz Active Member

    I use an app called crop wallpaper (ironic considering the thread title...lol).
    Works a treat...also, ICS definetly fixes that annoying keyboard lag
  19. Dr3amAth3m3

    Dr3amAth3m3 Active Member

    Wallpapyrus....it doesn't crop wallpapers.

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