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    Aug 18, 2011
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    I'm on a Nexus S, so to continue the trend of "pure Google", I have no desire to use bloated news outlet apps. Unfortunately (?), that means I must use bookmarks to access the mobile versions of websites. Right now I have bookmarks for NPR, BBC, CNN, and NY Times on one of my homescreens. They all use the generic red ribbon icon, with a super imposed favicon on the ribbon. I like that.

    But when I try to add say, or, both sites must have a custom icon set, because a "full size" icon (that is not the red ribbon icon) is displayed. I don't like that.

    I know how favicons are set on the PC and on the Android/iOS platform (favicon.ico, etc., etc.), and I know I can't change what the server has set for their favicon (or whatever icon settings Android/iOS uses).

    My question is: Is it possible, from "the client side" (my phone), to force a bookmark for a website to use said generic icon, instead of the icon set by the website?

    NOTE: I have read a thread where it describes how to set a custom icon for bookmarks, but what I am asking is the opposite of that solution. I'd link that thread, but that function is disabled until I post more.

    My phone is not running a home screen repleacement app, and it is not rooted nor modded.


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