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  1. necor23

    necor23 New Member

    Hi, Im new to the forum, I have just got my EVO 4G, just switched from the Iphone :) anyways I have done some searching and can't find my answer to this question, I have my phone paired with my system, however I cant stream musica via the bluetooth audio anyone else have this issue and if so how did u fix it?

  2. SARC

    SARC Active Member

    I don't have sync I did buy a Bluetooth receiver to connect to my cars aux in jack and it works great. However I do have to initiate the connection every time I get on the car.

    Being paired in Bluetooth language doesn't mean much, it just means the 2 devices have a common pin code and know about each others existence, but there is no communication at this point.

    If you go menu>settings>connectivity>Bluetooth what is the status of your SYNC ? Does it say only "paired but not connected" ? If so, tap it to make it connect. Hopefully it connects under the profile of "audio headset" then it ahould route the sound to the SYNC
  3. samplerate

    samplerate Well-Known Member

    Sometimes SYNC has an issue when multiple devices are connected to it, IE it is still looking for your iPhone... Make sure your EVO is set as the primary device (in SYNC) in the Bluetooth connections menu.

    also, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your EVO BEFORE you start the car, SYNC will connect to the first available device at startup if the primary device cannot be found.

    other then that check the obvious: is the input set to Bluetooth media stream, is the device even paired in the first place, volume up?

    hope that helps
  4. necor23

    necor23 New Member

    Yes the Device Shows paired up and when i start the music it doesnt do anything the Sync setup just shows connecting.... and the EVO has no sound coming out of it so i know its sending it to the car.
  5. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    Can you use it for voice calls? It could be connected as a phone and not an audio device.

    I pair two phones at a time to sync. I have my 9700 set to pair as a phone, and the evo as an audio device. Wish I could have them both fully paired at once...but oh well. I talk more on the berry.
  6. kathyp

    kathyp New Member

    I just bought my EVO and have a Lincoln MKZ with sync. I cannot get the phone to pair up with the sync system. The car recognizes my phone and gives me a pin number, but I don't know where to tap it into my phone to connect. Please help! If I cannot sync with the car, I am getting rid of the phone. I travel a lot and need to do business on the phone while I am mobile.
  7. Ray4Ward

    Ray4Ward New Member Ford Edge 4.jpg

    I purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with MyFord Touch ("Sony") w/Sync on November 1st 2010. I traded in my 2008 Ford Edge for this 2011 "High Tech Wonder". To pair w/ the vehicle I have a "Sony" Experia X10 Android Phone w/version 1.6. This phone worked seemlessly in the 2008 Ford Edge for phone calls and for media streaming. But, in the 2011 Edge the bluetooth could "only" connect to the phone and "not" media streaming. The Sony Experia X10 is also unable to send photographs via bluetooth to my phone contacts within the MyFord Touch Sync phonebook. Ford provides Sirius Radio / Travelink (6 Mo) is also provided / Sync Services (3yrs)... for set periods of time. There are issues with all of these services working at all or some just partially working. Also, The Ford MyTouch / Sync Services has a phone # that it is dials. According to the Ford Sync hotline the MyFord Touch / Sync sytem has been dialing the incorrect phone # for Sync Services...... the phone # programmed into MyFord Sync is for a demonstraion Sync Services site... not the actual site that it should be dialing for Sync Services. I have contacted Ford .... as have many other 2011 Ford Edge / MyFord Touch owners.... Ford is aware of these issues and say their software engineers are working on solutions. Owners must take their vehicles back to the dealership to set the correct phone number in for Sync Services as well as any update to correct the bluetooth problems once resolved. In the meantime, as a temporay fix I use a Motorola T505 Bluetooth device for phone / media streaming. The only drawback is that there is no voice command function for your phone/media streaming while using the device.
  8. Ray4Ward

    Ray4Ward New Member

    MyFord Touch Gen 2 Update

    Rewaxxxx! And be varweee varweee quiet.....

    Weeze have Bugs in a Sync Hole.......

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  9. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ray! I'm in the process of finding my 2011 Explorer. I'm going to sit at a dealer for a while with my EVO and make sure that it does what I want.

    Question. Do you have heated seats, or a moonroof? Can you control them with SYNC?

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