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forgot Pin to unlock phoneSupport

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  1. roger1221

    roger1221 New Member

    So last night i put a pin lock on my phone but i forgot ! D: And before when i would forget my pin it would says to sign in with gmail but not it doesent show up . How can i unlock it ? I dont care if i have to loose everything .

  2. Rolex81

    Rolex81 Active Member

    Reboot into recovery and factory reset might work. Three button combo power + up&down volume button when u see the galaxy s2 boot screen let go of power and continue to hold up and down vol
  3. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    I dunno what else I can say, there is a local guy here in indy who can unlock cell phones, he has a business in broad ripple. Maybe there is somebody like that locally where you live? Maybe google something like "cellular services (insert where you live here)".
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

  5. crashedn2me

    crashedn2me New Member

    Just used the new paid version of Screen Lock Bypass called Screen Lock Bypass Pro. It was $2.00 and it worked flawlessly! No need to reset the phone once you're in!! I give it 5 stars. You just download it from the market from your pc and once it installs on your phone, plug in your charger and poof! It takes you to a screen to manage/reset your password.
  6. kgingeri

    kgingeri New Member

    If your device is connected to a google apps account (maybe even if not?) and you have it registered in My Devices (www.google.com/apps/mydevices) then you can reset the pin from the device page - remotely :D

    EDIT: You do need a google apps account on your phone with Device Policy in effect see support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1056433
  7. romilbhayani

    romilbhayani New Member

    I am stuck with the same problem. I don't want to factory reset the phone as I will loose my contacts. The software Screen Lock Bypass Pro is incompatible with the Samsung Galaxy S2 i777. Can some one please help ?
  8. yashodhankatte

    yashodhankatte New Member

    Hello, does this app work on samsung galaxy s2? cause I got that device and it's locked also when I went to app store to buy this app it said that it was not campatible with my device what should I do now?
  9. yashodhankatte

    yashodhankatte New Member

    I tried doing that but when I went to link that you have given out here is say's only available for google apps business and educational customers. what can I do? I dont' want to reset my system as I got data onto it. thank you,

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