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  1. sajeeda

    sajeeda Member

    This may sound really stupid. But i changed password few mins back n there a way to unlock. Please help.

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    AGAIN !!!!!!!!! :p
    Man you are some guy.What is so important in your phone that you require to lock it.Pics of GF , nuclear missile blueprints,lots of porn ????.
    PIN lock dude.You are doomed. Flash a new firmware or go to service centre and they will reset your phone.All the data you were trying to hide is gone anyway
  3. omi21212

    omi21212 New Member

    when i first set up my phone it asked for my google/android account whenever i forgot my password theres a button saying forgot password it asked me to log in to my android account and it lets me remake my password
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  4. happydude4237

    happydude4237 New Member

    @ karandpr ..dude i got the same problem too bt cn u plz tell me how to hard reset or to do fullll recovery or how do i flash new firmware coz i dnt know ny site frm which i cn get firmwares as i need english one n even dnt knw wch 1 to get n dnt evn know if the usb debugging is on or not to flash a new firmware ........plz help wl b relli grateful 4 ur hlp....mny thnks....

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