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Forgot Unlock Pattern?Support

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  1. NewDroidGuy

    NewDroidGuy Member

    :confused:I have tried the forgotten pattern, and I entered my google email and password and it is not taking it, but it takes on the gmail website, anyone have any ideas besides a factory reset?

    I know my pattern, but just want to have a backup just in case I change it, and forget, because right now I do not have a backup plan if I forget my pattern...

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    In the username make sure only the first part of your email address is entered before the " @ " & then enter the password :)
  3. minyangmao

    minyangmao Well-Known Member

  4. minyangmao

    minyangmao Well-Known Member

  5. ShamWOW

    ShamWOW New Member

    Yea...me too. This issue is annoying. I am hopeful that the update will resolve this pattern LOCKOUT. Fairly lame considering all the positives about the MOTO DROID. But...it is first rev and a solid start as far as that goes. I just came out of my BB Storm and that 1st rev was bad. :eek: I just did a hard reset.
  6. verakot

    verakot Member

    Good news! This issue is resolved on Droid v.2.0.1. I forgot the pattern and entered my gmail address and password - and it worked! Great job, Google!
  7. JackBauer

    JackBauer New Member

    unfortunately, my Droid remains unlockable despite being on Droid v.2.0.1. I better not forget my pattern lock or I'm screwed...verakot did yours not work in v.2.0.0, but now works on v.2.0.1?
  8. verakot

    verakot Member

    I have not tried on 2.0, because I actually forgot the pattern while I was logged in to my Droid. I went online and saw this thread. I actually wanted to reset the phone to factory settings, but again it asked me to enter the pattern that I forgot... So I decided to lock the Droid and unlock it using Gmail ID/PW and it worked.
  9. WitchMX

    WitchMX Member

    That just happened to me a few hours ago... And my X10 is just a few days old.. But I searched a thousand websites looking for an answer and I found it...

    this worked at least for the X10.

    I you failed so many times to enter the pattern that now it asks for your google account but it doesnt recognize it the enter your user name and for password enter null . just that null . It will take you to the new pattern input...

    Life just came back to me when I saw that screen haha, I hope it helps some of you guys.
  10. sophie louise

    sophie louise New Member

    null doesnt work for me! mines still locked! i really dunno what else to do! ive also got x10
  11. hit300790

    hit300790 New Member

    i have samsung GT-S5670 and i found nothing to work for me i forgot my pattern and shows invalid username and password plzzzzzzzz help me out
    what can i do??????
  12. millie808

    millie808 New Member

    i have a galaxy S 4G and my friend was just playing with my pattern lock and locked me out of my phone but i don't remember anything my username or password. and i don't know how i am going to unlock my phone when i don't know that... I NEEED YOUR HELP!!!!! ):
  13. amey123

    amey123 New Member

    Ok i cant post the video link idk y..
    but there is a solution to restore factory any android. when u dont remember pattern lock.
    you dont need any username or passward.
    1) just turn power off and when turning on press power and volume up and down key at the same time.it should take u to a directory where you select restore phone.
    if it dont work try this.
    2) instead of shutting your phone down restart your phone and than press volume up and down at the same time untill it take you to the directory where you will see several option.select restore phone. Hope it work for you guys.
    worked for me on htc A9192 4G AT&T.
    For video search on youtube. copy/paste. Bypass Passcode Pattern on an Android Device
    it will be seconed video of 3:50 min duration :)
  14. swalker123

    swalker123 New Member

    iv got a san francisico by orange and my friend thought hed be funny and change the unlock pattern. however he cant remember what it was. my gmail account isnt being acdepted either. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!
  15. hanseric

    hanseric Member

    That worked. What's doofy about that, thought is the help text in that field say "username (email)".

    In many login situations in the world today, username and email are equivalent. I.e. one's email address (the full address) IS one's username for many a system.

    So the instructions are ambiguous.

    Should say "Email username-not including '@domain.com'" or something.
  16. jehan123

    jehan123 New Member

    If you have a google account then, hold down the power button activate data network

    Then enter you username and password

    Username is the first part of your email before @ and your password as usual.:)
  17. nikzvillar

    nikzvillar New Member

    I forgot my pattern password :(
    I want it to unlock plz...........
  18. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    What phone are you using?

    If you keep entering it wrong it will ask you some questions to unlock it.
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  19. gotchaman1981

    gotchaman1981 New Member


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