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format a new microsd card on the phone or pcSupport

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  1. gpz828

    gpz828 Well-Known Member

    I just got a new microsd card, do i format a new micro sd card on the phone or pc?

  2. Investor22

    Investor22 Well-Known Member

    I would do it on the phone. Here are the steps from the manual.

    Formatting the microSD Card

    Formatting a microSD card permanently removes all files
    stored on the card.

    1. Press > > Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage.
    2. Tap Unmount SD Card and confirm your selection by
    tapping OK to release the microSD card from its use by the
    3. Once released, tap Format SD Card > Format SD Card >
    Erase everything.

    Once completely formatted, the card is automatically remounted
    (reconnected for use by the device).

    NOTE: The formatting procedure erases all the data on the microSD card, after
    which the files CANNOT be retrieved. To prevent the loss of important
    data, please check the contents before you format the card.
  3. weddle

    weddle Well-Known Member

    Does formatting a new card free up more space?
  4. gpz828

    gpz828 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, do you know if i can format with two separate partitions?
  5. Investor22

    Investor22 Well-Known Member

    I suppose you can but I'm not familiar with the procedure.

    There was some discussion about partitioning in this thread.

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