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  1. ozzieinsf

    ozzieinsf New Member

    so i just got this phone because it was on sale. so far everything works except that i cant seem to format the sd card included. vm said the sd card did not work, but there are some files already on the card. then vm said to go to "Accessories" in "Settings", and I dont have that sub-option.
    I have the SD card in the phone, and am looking at "SD Card and phone storage" and "Total space" and "Available space" say "Unavailable". The "Mount SD card" and "Format SD card" options are de-highlighted. I put in a SD card with music already on it, and it still cant read. Will this phone not read an HC card- 4gb card?
    Since I may be missing some steps, anyone got easy steps to get my SD card readable?

  2. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The phone supports cards up to 32 gb, it will actually work with 64 gb. Try formatting the card on your computer as fat32 . It sounds like the card is having issues or worst case the card slot on the phone is borked.

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