Former Blackberry user with Google Calendar Questions

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  1. lardan23

    lardan23 Member


    I have searched and searched for this information. I am a former Blackberry user and I always used Google Sync to sync my calendar and contacts with my google account. This was done automatically, and I was able to choose how long I wanted to go back and go forward. I could go back 4 weeks and forward 24 weeks.

    When I got my droid today, the salesperson at Verizon set it up with my google account. And it synced my contacts just fine. But it only synced my calendar from today forward for only one week.

    I have searched and searched, and nowhere can I find where I can adjust these settings to sync for a longer period of time.

    Also, does the Droid use the google sync app????

    Help would be appreciated.


    EDIT: I have the HTC Eris Droid

  2. mylinuxbox

    mylinuxbox Well-Known Member

    Buy pure grid calendar and you will see these options.

    As an alternative you can try Android agenda widget. This is not a calendar but as the name suggests an agenda. I use both of these so I can see the next few days a glance or the whole month just like online.
  3. lardan23

    lardan23 Member

    Thanks for the advice. I solved my problem; turns out my calendar was there, but I was looking at the Agenda view, which in BB scrolls through my entire calendar, but with the Droid, it only shows one week. Once I switched to month view, everything was there.

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