Forscore or Unrealbook for Android

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  1. villants7

    villants7 New Member

    With the explosion of Android tablets recently I know many musicians are flocking to these types of apps to make their gigs easier. If there were a music reading app similar to the two mentioned in the title musicians would be able to stick with Android instead of having to go the iPad2 route.

  2. multiguy

    multiguy New Member

    I agree. I would LOVE to see an Unrealbook or ForScore type application for Android. I would purchase many copies immediately. I can get a larger Android based tablet for much less money than an iPad. I'm planning to outfit my entire band with them. I'll wait for Android though since the iPad is too small and too expensive.
  3. lowballup

    lowballup New Member

    Anyone have any info on these two apps for Android?
  4. ForScore's website says they are looking at an Android version but are presently focusing on iPad only until there's a clear market. I, too, would prefer to use Android tablets, and I am holding out waiting for ForScore, RealBook, etc. to port over.
  5. Willow206

    Willow206 New Member

    Has anybody tried MobileSheets? It doesn't have a notation feature yet, but they say it's coming.
  6. dumaslr

    dumaslr New Member

    Just in case anyone sees this, mobilesheets is awesome for android. Chord sheets are amazing. You can make setlists. It will open .pdfs and some picture files. It will do other sheet music as well. As with Forscore, big files can be slow. But it is definitely worth it for android.
    I know Im late on this, but like i said, just in case someone sees this, Mobilesheets its great.
  7. mpisani

    mpisani New Member

    dumaslr - with MobileSheets can you bring in PDFs of lyrics? Can you also sort songs, PDFs by title and artist?
  8. Ulf Hansson

    Ulf Hansson Member

    I haven't used my MobileSheets for a while, but PDF import is no problem. But if you are looking for the best Android music reader I can recommend checking out the Fakebook app. Reads PDF (single sheets and huge collections), indexes these automatically, but also a lot of other formats like Chordpro and ABC. Also comes with something like 1000 jazz standards (chords only), transpose feature works great.

    I bought it for $1.99, so it's a bargain IMHO.

    Fakebook on Google PLay
  9. Phil Smith

    Phil Smith New Member

    Looks like iGigBook will be available soon, here's a video of it in action running on a Nexus 7.

  10. Ulf Hansson

    Ulf Hansson Member

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