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Forum Newsfeeds stopped working

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  1. Actual

    Actual Active Member

    I am subscrobed to a few forums using RSS newsfeeds and since 21 June they appear to have stopped working. Is it you or is it me?

    For example

    Developer 101
    HTC Desire HD
    HTC One X

    I find newsfeeds are a good way to keep up to date although they only show new threads so to see some dialogue it's necessary to only view the feed every few days but who's got time for all this anyway?

  2. Actual

    Actual Active Member

    Any chance of fixing the individual forum newsfeeds?
  3. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    I will mention this on next change with the developer, see if he has anything to say about it.
  4. Actual

    Actual Active Member

    Thanks, as a casual reader of a few forums I find the newsfeeds a great way to keep up to date with new threads. I can go to the forum if I want to read in depth. The 100+ page marathons are not for me !!!
  5. Actual

    Actual Active Member

    The forum RSS newsfeeds seem to working now. Thanks.
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