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  1. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

    I would like to forward an entire text thread to my e-mail address and was wondering if anyone knew how to do this. I use both the stock text messenger and Handcent but can't find a way to do with either of them. Is there another text app out there that would allow me to do this? Thanks!

  2. becky1968

    becky1968 New Member

    I would love to know how to send an entire thread.... I have been sending it message by message which takes way too long!
  3. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

    Sent request to Handcent for this improvement. not sure if its in the pay version or not.
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  4. asciidic

    asciidic New Member

    I use a handy app called sms archiver. It dumps the thread to a txt file and from there you can send it as an attachment. I've seen a text editor that lets you send the contents of a txt file as the body of an email but I don't remember what it was called.
  5. JD_from_da_80s

    JD_from_da_80s Well-Known Member

    If he wants to keep the authenticity of the thread so it doesn't look like he changed something then this probably wouldn't be a good idea. I was thinking screen shots but no good if you're not rooted. I think with Handcent the only way to do this is with the VIP service.

    Try SMSBackup+ by Jan Berkel

    There's another one by Chris Studer

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