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  1. freedomfighter

    freedomfighter Well-Known Member

    I just bought a galaxy tab 2 10.1, still in the mail, and i was wondering if there was a way for me to recieve my phone calls and text messages on my tablet. I want to do this when im at home because i want to only have to carry one device around when im trying to do school work. Any ideas?

  2. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    You will need a data sim card with voice calls activated and a Bluetooth headset. The Mic on the tab is atrocious. It is a schlep but I rather carry both.
  3. blue02

    blue02 Member

    Look into the Tablet Talk app.
  4. artbytes

    artbytes Well-Known Member

    I have a good voice number. I also have two apps on my tablet, each does about the same thing. One is Talkatone and the other is GrooveIP. You can set up your Google Voice number so that if someone calls it, it rings your tablet.

    I guess the hard part would be getting your phone calls to Google Voice. Call forwarding or porting the number over aTalkatonere two options. Maybe someone else knows what to do about that.
  5. artbytes

    artbytes Well-Known Member

    Oops. That first app should be "Talkatone," not "Tapatalk."
  6. AJP007

    AJP007 Member

    The simplest solution would be to contact your Provider and ask about a "Partner or Flexi Card" this is basically a Second SIM as a Micro Card which you simply insert into your Tab and it has the SAME TelNr. as your First SIM....This is convienient because once you Insert and Activate these Second SIM's you forget about it.
    Your Original SIM becomes the Master SIM and the Second one becomes your Slave SIM so too speak..once it has been Activated by your Provider YOU can choose which SIM becomes Master or Slave by inserting a simple code, when you receive Calls or Messages your Master SIM rings and if you DO NOT pick up after several Seconds it Transfers automically to your second Slave SIM and this then rings..!
    I have this solution it saves clogging up your Tab or Phone with junk Apps and works perfectly.!!!
    Check with your Provider about Terms, Costs and Conditions.
    Cheers and Enjoy
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  7. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    And keep in mind the above ^^ only works if you are on a GSM provider.
  8. Andrew -- this is exactly what I've been looking for. Can you give more instructions (either here or by private message) on how to actually set this up? When I called Verizon to ask them about the tabs with "phone functionality" they said that that must be referring to Viber and Skype type programs.

    I want to be able to leave my house without my phone and travel with only a tablet (I realise I need to be on the network) and am dying to figure out how to do it! Thank you very much.

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