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  1. atygrit

    atygrit New Member

    When I reply or forward an email to someone, it attaches the original email as an attachment rather than a continuation of the email. I do have "reply with original text" checked.

    I noticed I can't change the format type from plain text, so I don't know if that is part of the problem.

    Does anyone know how to make reply's and forward's a continuous email?

  2. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    which app are you using?
  3. atygrit

    atygrit New Member

    I'm using the stock Hero email client with Exchange.
  4. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    I tried replying back to my exchange account and it looks just fine. No attachment. Try using a different email client.
  5. TCFreaks

    TCFreaks New Member

    Was this resolved? My Razr Maxx HD is doing this.

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