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  1. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    Maybe someone can help me find (again) this feature I stumbled on.

    I have a Wi-Fi only Note GT-N8013 (US) running the new JB 4.1.2.

    I was playing around on the main Home screen and accidently hit the key that takes a screen shot. (Nothing new - haha). However, this time, instead of going into the clipboard, the screen shot immediately displayed with a small selection of editing tools. Since I had the stylus in my hand, I just started writing on the image. No switching to the Clipboard (through the Gallery), no choosing an app. I just started writing. I believe there was a writing tool, an eraser, and maybe a crop tool, all in the left corner. I wrote on the shot and saved it.

    OK - so I liked that feature and tried to replicate the behavior. Displayed a page, pressed screenshot. Now I just get a notification that the shot was saved to the clipboard. When I open it, and choose "Edit", my editing options are to use PS Touch or Paper Artist.

    Does anyone know what I did in paragraph one, and how I can regain that cool functionality of taking a screen shot and immediately being able to write on it?


  2. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    Sorry - figured it out and maybe this will help someone.

    I took the screen shot NOT with the button on the home screen, but by holding down the button on the S-Pen, then long-pressing on the image. This took a screen shot, popped up the image and gave me the editing tools to write on the picture.

    I do seem to recall now that another forum user shared this tip but I'd forgotten it.

    Have fun with screenshots! :)
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  3. CrockettGTO

    CrockettGTO Well-Known Member

    So many times people post and then resolve the issue but fail to come back to share with the community
  4. kewa

    kewa Member

    If you just press and hold down the normal screenshot button the tools appear without using the pen. In discovered this by accident too but it's a cool feature

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  5. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Well-Known Member

    Ok I found the button on S pen, never even noticed it before.
  6. CrockettGTO

    CrockettGTO Well-Known Member

    the nice part is having both options, being able to do this with the S-Pen for those with alternative launchers is great!
  7. davidfarquhar

    davidfarquhar Active Member

    I hadn't noticed the ability to draw on the screenshot thanks for posting that. I usually use it to crop the image, but annotating it as well is cool

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