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    Well it seems a if HTC sense overrides or activates no matter what.
    I am running apex home replacement and have home switcher app installed. When I shut down HTC sense, and start apex, anytime I go to settings then back out it stays up HTC sense again. So basically both homes are running at one time, eating up battery so is there a way to keep this from happening? If not then it means it would be pointless to run any other home replacement other than HTC sense .

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Well it was just in the personalized part of settings that start htc sense. Sorry for the mix up.

    Edit 2: Ok this is rather annoying. It wasn't as stated in the original edit.
    Somehow HTC sense or I guess it's called HTC launcher gets started from either me going into a part of the phones setting or adjustments or it's starting on it's own somehow.

    So I guess I need to ask, is there a way to disable or stop the HTC launcher part, so it won't restart?
    Not much point in having another home replacement if HTC is going to start again in the background and I will have 2 instances running.

    I really like this phone if I could stop that part of it, if not I am looking at the warp sequent.
    If no one knows how or I get no replies here I will have to just go with the sequent instead, so I hope someone comes up with a solution before tomorrow, that's when I need to make a final choice.

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