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  1. DKYang

    DKYang Well-Known Member

    Besides Seido's case at BBM and Samsung Behold batteries (xda member confirmed it), have you guys found anything else? Like cases and such. I know a bunch of screen protectors will be released soon, but that's about it.

    Oh, could you whiners please stay out of this topic? Just this one. I know it's hard, but really, you have complained in about every single topic that exists in this Nexus S forum. It's getting really annoying.

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    BBM also had a zag screen protector as part of the 50 package... i got the bluetooth, case and screen protector for 50
  3. MKeditor

    MKeditor Well-Known Member

    I bought a screen protector and case at Best Buy when I bought the phone. Woild love a mote robust battery.
  4. Bmerz

    Bmerz Well-Known Member

    If I end up keeping the phone (will be here tomorrow), I may consider some of these accessories for my NS:

    Samsung Nexus S Accessories

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