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  1. ZJE123

    ZJE123 Member

    I am looking for a tablet to buy on Black Friday and I have found four that have peaked my interest. I was in the market for a 7 inch tablet mainly because of it's portability, but I have heard that 7 inchers really aren't that much more portable than a 10 incher because a 7 inch tablet cannot fit in your pocket anyway, at least not well. So I must ask people who maybe have had experiences with one or more of these tablets, of these four tablets, what gets you the most per dollar (with the black Friday discounted price)

    The Acer Iconia Tab a100 at $190
    Pros: Android 3.2 1 Gb Ram as opposed to 512mb
    cons: low viewing angle and poor battery life

    The Amazon Kindle Fire $200:
    Pros: Large Community, cheap to replace if it breaks comparably (to replace the other 3 tablets I couldn't get it at the Black Friday price again), wide viewing angles
    cons: 512mb Ram, No camera, Android 2.- as opposed to 3.-, no camera

    The Blackberry Playbook $200 (Yes I know its not android but I'm still considering it)
    Pros: Apparently the best camera(s) a tablet could have, better battery life than the A100, good reviews despite not being android, nice business style (I like the business matte plastic style), 1Gb Ram, wide viewing angles
    Cons: Not android, though may be compatible with android apps soon, afraid it may have the same problem as the HPTtouchpad

    The Big Cheese of Android Tablets, the Asus EEE Pad Transformer $250
    Pros: Hands Down the best android Tablet out there according to reviews, optional dock, android 3.1, standard battery life, wide viewing angles, 10.1 inch screen, 16:10 aspect ratio as opposed to 16:9 which goes along with higher resolution at 1280x800 ( I prefer 16:10 over 16:9, wish laptops still existed with that aspect ratio :(), support for actual 720p video with it's resolution.
    Cons: extra $50 over the others, 10 inch screen may be less portable, heavier maybe?

    *All of these tablets have a dual-core 1GHZ of some kind, a must need for me. I prefer a full gig of ram because that would mean more multitasking possibilities (I tend to have a lot of tabs open at once on my laptop so I would want my tablet to not have a problem with this either, to an extent of coarse)

    *The eee Pad slider is my dream tablet, but unfortunately there isn't a black Friday price on it (yet) and $500 is way out of my price range.

    If I had to choose off the bat, it would be the Transformer, I am just unsure if it is worth the extra $50. I know, it is probably the best android tablet out there now according to reviews, but please take into consideration my pros and cons before answering with this right away. I also do not need a HUGE app store, I would probably only want the most popular apps such as gas buddy, angry birds, ect., although all the tablets I mentioned here have support or will have support for all android apps anyway. Any help will be appreciated:). Also if any of you have another recommendation of a tablet I did not mention feel free to tell me.

    A good website to look at to compare all major tablets:

    As a side question, I heard Adobe is no longer supporting mobile flash. Does that mean no new version of it will come out after 10.2, but will still work, or does that mean flash will no longer work at all on tablets?

  2. Charlesleonard

    Charlesleonard Well-Known Member

    I would add the Acer A500 to the group. mainly because of the full size usb port. there is no need for the docking station/keyboard to get the usb port. it will be upgraded to ics in early 2012.
    7 inch vs 10 inch is a matter of taste. 10 inch better for viewing video, 7 inch easier to hold and thumb type on
    the kindle will do fine for video and ebooks but I'm unsure about doing any serious work, but Amazon app store does have docs to go and quick office. If you want a full gps then the kindle is not the one.

    Written on my Acer A500
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  3. ZJE123

    ZJE123 Member

    Don't get me wrong, the Acer iconia tab a500 is also a very good tablet, but I didn't include it on my list because, as of now, I haven't come across a black Friday deal on it. Currently it's like $390 ($295 refurb), and unless it comes down about $100 or more on Black Friday, I don't see spending the money on it over the other 4 I listed.
  4. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    What about the HTC Flyer at $299? That's also on my list. I tried the Acer 100, found the display awful and returned it next day. I ruled out the Fire because of no SD card slot. I do want a 7" tab, and am really down to the Flyer and Galaxy Tab Plus. Hoping the latter hits $299 on black Friday.
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  5. ZJE123

    ZJE123 Member

    You can already get the flyer for $299 at Best Buy: HTC - Flyer Tablet with 16GB Internal Memory - White - HTCFlyerP512

    But for me, it doesn't compete with the transformer at $50 cheaper.
  6. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Yes, transformer is the best deal of you can actually get one for $249, but I don't want a 10" tablet. 7"seems ideal for me.
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  7. andruoid

    andruoid Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking Acer A100 is going to be my choice. I've read a fair amount of good reviews so far. Plus ICS in Jan 12.
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  8. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you look at the viewing angles before you buy.
  9. ZJE123

    ZJE123 Member

    Though the A100 is a good tablet, it has poor viewing angles and apparently has a poor battery life, rated about 5 hours, I've heard as low as 3.5 hours. The battery is also non-user replaceable and battery life will deplete as the tablet gets older. Just some things to think about.
  10. ZJE123

    ZJE123 Member

    Because being able to get any tablet on Black Friday is a draw due to high demand and large crowds, I have decided to buy the Blackberry Playbook for $199 (which was the Black Friday price anyway) at Best Buy online on back-order. I think this is a steal and something everyone else should look at. Yes the Transformer would have been nice, but by the time I would get to Best Buy on Black Friday, even if I showed up before the store opens, there would probably be a large line (large as an understatement) and I probably wouldn't have a chance getting the Transformer anyway. However, if I would rate 9/10 on the Transformer I would rate the Playbook at 8.5/10, so needless to say I am not disappointed in my choice :)

    Thank you to EVERYONE for your help and suggestions!!!

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