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Foursquare: An absolute must have!!!

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  1. treyrey86

    treyrey86 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 8, 2010
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    An absolute must have! Once i downloaded i got all my friends, even on iPhone and Palm, involved. Great, scratch that, EXCELLENT way to keep up with where everybody is at. Very accurate as far as whats around you, and it is fairly easy to add a venue if it isnt showing up on the list. I wish i had four hands to give this four thumbs up! Pun intended! If I were you, I would download and enjoy this amazingly addictive application for FREE! Yes for FREE!!!! Did I mention that if you checkin at a specific venue more than anybody else, you become mayor of that venue, and mayorship has its perks! I know several Starbucks give free coffee's to mayors of starbucks venues, and so do alot of other retailers out there! So if I was you, I would download IMMEDIATELY and start checking in! You wont Regret it!


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