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  1. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    Tethering question.
    AT&T use to charge for any tethering and why I have been using FoxFi/PdaNet for some time and it works well. There are several places I go to that don't have connections, such as a few relatives that don't have internet and while my wife is driving on trips, so it is handy.

    My question is I notice the S5 has "Mobile Hotspot". I had unlimited plan with ATT and was only using 3GB/month so we consolidated my family's mobile plan to ATT shared 15GB plan. Unlimited calling, text. Can we now use mobile hotspot on our Samsung phones without rooting or extra fees?
    I don't want a "surprise" on my next bill. :eek:
    If so, which one is better?

  2. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    You will incur data charges When I saw it I thought the same as you. I uninstalled Foxfi and then read this on the Mobile Hotspot screen...Mobile Hotspot uses mobile data and can result in additional charges. OR, does the word "can" mean if you go over your data limit? Hummm. Well all I know at this point is I'm so mad at Foxfi right now I could strangle them! When I uninstalled the app, their stupid PIN lockscreen stayed behind and there is no removing it. There are a couple of fixes floating around on line but it doesn't apply to KK. The developers won't return my email requests for help. And yes, I'm a paid subscriber. Sorry I couldn't help. I'll be watching this thread.
  3. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Simple way to find out - call Billing and ask if using the hotspot function carries any charge other than the amount of data you use. (Get the name of the person you're talking to, so if you get a "no" answer - and an additional amount for using the hotspot - you can ask Billing to remove it, since <named rep> told you (on X date at Y time) that there's no additional charge.)
  4. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I've used PdaNet way before they merged with Foxfi and have used that since. Used it quite a bit a few times, in situations like I mentioned in the first post, but never went over my data plan which was 2GB's at the time, Now I have 15 GB's. So it doesn't look like AT&T is going to do anything about that and why I though it might be the same with "mobile hotspot". But AT&T might be keeping tabs on "Mobile Hotspot" since it came with the phone.

    I thought about that, but I didn't really want to alert AT&T as I've been using Foxfi/PdaNet for some time now and don't want to set off red flags.
    I'm going to google that first as I can't hear phones, (legally deaf) then if I don't find out anything, I will have my wife call on her next day off inquiring like a new customer. I was hoping I could find out here from someone who has been there done that here.
  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    It won't matter if you are using the AT&T Hotspot or if you are using FoxFi

    All AT&T really cares about is billing you for the amount of DATA used on your device.

    So, just monitor your DATA use and all is well.
  6. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I plan to keep using FoxFi. I was just curious if Hotspot does the same thing as every once in a while FoxFi doesn't work and it would be nice to have a backup.
  7. Ed ke6bnl

    Ed ke6bnl Member

    the only reason I have not yet loaded Foxfi is the pin screen lock which I hate. IS THERE ANY OTHER MOBILE HOTSPOT apps that work like foxfi. It worked great but have the same issues you have. want to see how you resolve the problem thanks ED
  8. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    I accidently got roped into that pincode with FoxFi.... but a friend of mine installed FoxFi last week on AT&T and it asked him to install PDAnet and he was never asked to supply a pincode.

    I am here to tell you, that once you set a pincode, there is no way to remove it and go back to Pattern Swipe to unlock your phone. At least on my Verizon phone there isn't.

    I had to Factory Reset my phone and reinstall all of the apps.
    but, now that I have Kies 3.0 installed, that is not hard at all....
    Reset..... start up Kies, reinstall all the apps, done....
    Screens, homepages, everything back to normal.
  9. Ed ke6bnl

    Ed ke6bnl Member

    not sure what kies 3.0 is but cant find it in the android app store
  10. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    Strange? No pincode on mine with FoxFi....
  11. Ed ke6bnl

    Ed ke6bnl Member

    maybe because you have ATT
  12. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I didn't switch to Verizon this last time. We almost did because I like the fact that you get connections in the mountains where I spend a lot of time in the summer with my photography. AT&T gets crummy connections in the mountains... any of them. But the higher prices of Verizon turned us off... and we stayed with AT&T.
  13. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

  14. Murphy D Mayhem

    Murphy D Mayhem New Member

    I have AT&T with the unlimited data plan for my S5 and I have pda-net and FoxFi but the problem is whenever I try to activate the mobile hotspot on the phone it won't let me because I don't have the mobile hotspot service from AT&T I never had this problem when I had the s3 but with the S5 whenever I try to activate the hotspot it trys to verify that I have that service and since I don't it won't let me turn on the mobile hotspot is there any way to get around that without rooting the phone. Whenever I try to turn it on the phone keeps saying you don't have mobile hotspot please go to the AT&T website or call 611 for assistance
  15. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Not quite sure I understand what you are doing.

    If you have FoxFi installed, you should not even try to turn on Hotspot (the one included with AT&T phone).

    FoxFi activates the WiFi system and simply bypasses Hotspot and AT&T don't know a thing about it.

    I'm on Verizon and it works the same way for me.
  16. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    Why do you need mobile hot spot do that when you have pda-net and FoxFi ?
    I use that instead with no problems and it is fast.
    I've used it the past 3-4 years and AT&T has never caught on.
  17. Murphy D Mayhem

    Murphy D Mayhem New Member

    That's not the problem the problem is when I use pdanet or foxfi what it does is it turns on the phones built in hotspot not the carriers. but what the phone does is it trys to verify with my carrier if I'm allowed to use the hotspot or not and since I'm not it won't let me. it didn't use to do that on the s3 I never had a problem with foxfi or pdanet when I was using my s3
  18. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I have the S5 and pdanet/foxfi works just fine. Make sure the hotspot is turned off.
  19. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    If disabling Hotspot does not cure the problem, I suggest uninstalling FoxFi and PDAnet, and reinstalling them with HotSpot already disabled (Turned OFF)
  20. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    I thought I posted this here but guess it was another forum. I have finally gotten rid of that pesky Foxfi PIN lock screen! Foxfi ts finally replied to my 3rd attempt to ask for help. It is actually something I considered doing but was afraid of implications elsewhere on the phone but I don't detect any problems. Here is their reply:

    That is because the Android system enforces the screen lock when you
    install the FoxFi certificate (which is needed to bypass a tether plan
    with the latest carrier/firmware blockage). When you are done using
    FoxFi, simply select Settings->Security->Clear Credentials. This will remove the FoxFi certificate and after that you will be able to set Screen Lock to "None".

    It worked for me. But I had to use that same PIN in System/lockscreen (after I cleared credentials) to get the option of no lockscreen. So don't let that freak you out and think it didn't work.

    I don't have FoxFi reinstalled yet. I will tho. I'll gladly have the app back on my phone (not something I use often) as along as I can quickly remove their lock screen...I have the Popping Colors swipe lock screen.
  21. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

  22. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    You did some where monicakm, and I bookmarked your single post out of the thread as a '*' preface bookmark so that I could refer to it in future.

    Foxfi screwed me over the pooch big time for two reasons.

    • 1. I did not think too much of the pincode idea and did not write it down, it was for Foxfi only, right? (wrong)
    • 2. I had not at the time registered my phone with Google Device Manager, and even if I had, I was unaware that GDM would be able to unlock my phone.

    So, I screwed the pooch and after many attempts to "remember" what the pincode was, actually for me, the Password, the phone just rebooted and erased the whole plantation and I had to reinstall everything from the ground up. Not fun, but doable.

    So, thanks for your efforts at finally getting through to them and reporting how to get out of it.

    I had at one time, actually succeeded in getting into the phone and looked at the Credentials but was "scared to erase" them thinking they were super critical for the phone to work. now I know better.

    I cannot see a valid reason for Foxfi insisting that we lock down the phone just because we install their app. It makes using the phone very difficult. Can you imagine trying to enter a super tight password every time you want to open the Lockscreen? Upper/Lowercase with Symbols... yeah, right. You will get it wrong even if you know it by heart. Thumbs and a phone's keyboard are not 100% reliable.
  23. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

  24. Cyradis

    Cyradis New Member

    Regarding the original question, it's my understanding that AT&T does not charge extra, and you can tether all you want, as long as you have a limited data plan. There was some sort of ruling that the data you pay for was yours to use however you want, and this charge was eliminated from all carriers. You only pay for overages, if they occur.

    HOWEVER, if you have a grandfathered unlimited plan, AT&T will want to charge you a separate line item for hotspotting. In the past, there have been ways to bypass it, such as changing the user string on your browser of a non-phone device that you were connecting. I can say that I forgot to change it once on my laptop, and AT&T caught it immediately and charged me. I had to call to have the hotspotting charge removed, which they did as a one time courtesy. I haven't tried it through my s5 though. If I'm understanding correctly from another poster, the s5 appears to funnel everything through the appropriate channels within the phone in an attempt to curb unethical bypasses. There's the explanation for the poster with unlimited that was unable to do this...
  25. drew1234

    drew1234 New Member

    If you get stuck with the pin code issue... go into your phones settings/security/clear all certificates. I don't know if someone posted a response to this but that's how I remove it. I cant promise it wont mess up anything else on your phone. It does not mess up anything on mine. Good luck.

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