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  1. mikemullin6

    mikemullin6 Member

    Now that a few lucky folks have received their Verizon Note 3's, has anyone tried to tether using FoxFi+PDANet app? It appeared to work on the Note 2 and with the current concern about Knox warranty issues, etc., who know when/if the bootlocker/root problems can be resolved.

    Hence, my interest in FoxFi+PDANet as opposed to paying VZW $20/mo to tether.

  2. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    Wow, no replies yet. Well I get my N3 later today. Its one of the first few apps I will install.
  3. chickencrisp

    chickencrisp Member

    I too will be testing this application. It's dead useful at school.
  4. bluenik25

    bluenik25 Well-Known Member

    I have just started testing and I am able to tether via PDANet but I get a message from Verizon when I try to WiFi and the network wont show up on my computer.
  5. blooz4u

    blooz4u Member

    Was having the same problem. Could not get Fox-Fi or PDAnet to work. I Did some digging around in the Play store, and came across "Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot free"

    It will initialize your hot spot, the pop up from AT&T will pop up, but if you ignore that, and hit the home button, it works just fine for me.

    Anyhow, hope that helps! :)
  6. bluenik25

    bluenik25 Well-Known Member

    Someone told me that if you hit the Home Button when the subscription message from Verizon pops up it will work and it did. I am now able to use FoxFi/PDANet to tether both via usb and WiFi!
  7. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    I saw the same info and yes, FoxFi is working without root!
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  8. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    This is awesome!!

    Now I could care less if I ever get root.

  9. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    vaguely recall reading about that. If you hit the home button, stuff works. Wasnt there some side effect of that also? not something impacting functionality. Hmm can't recall. Something that worked differently after you hit the home button once foxfi was running..
  10. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    I con confirm that foxfi works. It has for other with the n3 as well. Here is a helpful hint from HanoSolo.

    'Yes. When it gives you the Verizon sign up pop up, just hit the home button and it will work!"

    Personally, I still think its a sham that vzw locks this down for unlimited users. But until they straighten that out, paying for foxfi is a reasonable option.
  11. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Great. I have some archive digging to do!

    I think the original PdaNet license key app for the paid version is on my OLD OLD Motorola Droid! :eek:

    So I have it broken out, charging so I can attach it to the computer and move the license key to the Note 3. GEEEZ this thing is so SMALL!

    Yeah, I know I could just re-purchase it, but (a) I like a challenge and (b) I'm cheap :D

    EDIT: Just to show you the huge difference 4 years can make, here is my little bitty Droid - the big bad thing of her day - parked next to Gina, my new Galaxy Note:


    That fascination aside, sadly the archaic PdaNET app on the Droid didn't have a paid feature... it was just an app in 2010/2011. SO I got to shell out the $7.95 anyway. Well worth the money!
  12. bluenik25

    bluenik25 Well-Known Member

    I sent them an email when I started using the iPhone and they sent me activation codes from when I purchased on Windows Mobile plus my Android and IPhone activation codes. Every time I pull that back up to activate a new device I can't believe I was using PDANet as far back as the Motorola Q or the Samsung I had before it.
  13. itstruemental

    itstruemental New Member

    While you can activate the PDA Net wi fi functionality (and it automatically invokes the Verizon Hot Spot application; appearing in the status bar) -- I think the question is, is the Verizon Hot Spot Application simultaneously registering your phone as a hot spot, and hence charging your account ($$) and defeating the purpose?

    Anyone seen any charges related to this whilst running PDA Net on the Verizon Galaxy Note 3?
  14. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    I have not used the free version that much only for some simple web browsing. But no it noticed a charge yet
  15. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Seem like I remember reading someone about using FoxFi and when the vzw sub screen comes up you can also just hit cancel. I tested that and it cancels out of that and puts the Foxfi wifi icon on my nav bar, but I have not test to see if I can connect to it yet.

    I to, wonder if any of this actually will invoke charges from vzw...sadly, only time will tell that :(
  16. MrClean

    MrClean Well-Known Member

    I hope I understand your question correctly, but if you hit 'Cancel', it will show FoxFi running, but without the hotspot active (icon) it will not connect.
    You will not receive any charges from Vzw if you use FoxFi, just hit the 'home' button when the subscription window pops up. It turns on the hotspot, but since you 'back out' of the subscription page, it doesn't register with vzw, but allows FoxFi to connect to the internet.
  17. Willdiver

    Willdiver Well-Known Member

    But will it require a PIN on the lock screen or can I still have it on swipe?
  18. Open Foxfi, hit the menu button, press hash code, type nolockscreen exactly like that. It removes the lockscreen requirement.
  19. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    Heardvbwith new vzw update that foxfi doesn't work anymore. Is that true?
  20. mikemullin6

    mikemullin6 Member

    Yes, that's correct. Haven't seen any fixes or updates to FoxFi to overcome this new obstacle
  21. bowsback

    bowsback Well-Known Member

    Foxfi is working fine with my Verizon galaxy s4
  22. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    Debate talking about foxfi working after a new galaxy note 3 update from VzW. They close some loop holes that allowed foxfi to work.
  23. johnpjackson

    johnpjackson Well-Known Member

    I just reconfirmed that FoxFi is *working* as a mobile hotspot for me on my Galaxy Note 3. I have the for-pay version. And I am running the most up to date operating system release from Verizon. I'm on the MJE release.
  24. jetguat

    jetguat Well-Known Member

    Ok the full paid version. Do you need the certificates and password lock?

    Wonder why so many are saying the hitting the home button to avoid VzW warning/error doesn't work anymore.
  25. johnpjackson

    johnpjackson Well-Known Member

    Yup... It's annoying, but I'm used to it now.

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